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Two Burns Harbor firefighters promoted

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Fire Chief Bill Arney promoted two firefighters at the Burns Harbor Town Council meeting Wednesday night.

Engineer Matt Wesley was promoted from Engineer to Lieutenant and Adam Friday was promoted to Safety Officer.

Firefighters have to take a nine-week course to earn Fire Officer 1 certification through the state of Indiana to be promoted to lieutenant, and safety officers have to complete a tough, sixteen-week course, according to Arney.

In other Fire Department business, Arney reported the ladder truck is back in service after Legacy Fire Apparatus rebuilt a hydraulic lift cylinder for it. Arney was also happy to report the bill came in significantly lower than the estimated $2,000. The ladder truck was down for an hour and 45 minutes on another day for maintenance related to a recall.

Arney reported approximately $27,866 in bills to people who have used the Town ambulance service is outstanding and overdue by at least 180 days. Council Vice-president Eric Hull asked Arney to look into whether the billing company the Town uses offers a process for collections and consider forming a committee to evaluate hardship claims.


The Council made appointments to boards and commissions. Robert Crecelius was appointed to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Carrie Morgan and Brijean Hogge were appointed to the Park Board. Daniel Marsh was appointed to the Sanitary Board, and Wilbur Oudman was appointed to the Storm Water Management Board.

Council President Nick Loving thanked the applicants for their service. At the end of the day, its the boards that do the bulk of the work in this Town. We appreciate you volunteering and look forward to working with you, Loving said.


Building Commissioner Rob Wesley reported hes working on learning the changes in the 2020 Indiana residential code. Arney reported the upgrade of lift station no.2 is just waiting on weather now that all new parts have arrived. Kylane Tumblin said Parks activities are sparse this month, but the Park Board is excited to work with its new appointees. In her final report as the Shared Ethics Advisory Commission representative, Sarah Oudman reported the annual Shared Ethics summit is the morning of April 9. The Summit is open to the public, and breakfast will be provided.

Clerk-treasurer Jane Jordan reported State Representative Chuck Moseley (D-Portage) reached out to the Town about donating 100 tree saplings. The Town offered saplings free to residents in the past, but not all were claimed, Arney said. Jordan said Moseley is dropping off an order form later this week, and suggested residents might be more interested in more ornamental types of trees. Hull also suggested some could be kept to be planted along the Marquette Greenway Trail. Arney said hell collaborate with Hull on what saplings to order once the list arrives.

Other Approvals

The Council voted to reschedule its March meeting to 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 18.

The Council also approved its 2020 Financial Services agreement with Baker-Tilly, contingent on review by Town Attorney Clay Patton, and accepted the Trail Creek Phase II sanitary sewer bond.

The Council set a public hearing to reestablish the Cumulative Capital Development (CCD) tax rate at its next meeting, March 18. A fraction of a cent increase is proposed (from 0.0397 cents per $100 of assessed valuation to 0.04 cents per $100 of assessed valuation). Jordan said towns that fail to reestablish their rates with slight increases every few years risk losing CCD revenue due to fluctuations in assessed value.

Ordinance 205-2020, an ordinance amending chapter 15 of Town Code, won approval on second reading. The ordinance increases the maximum allowed footprint of an accessory structure in Town, such as a shed, from 160 square feet to 200 square feet.




Posted 2/13/2020




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