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Town of Burns Harbor nets state arts grant

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Burns Harbor has netted a $4,072 grant from the Indiana Arts Commission, the Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission heard at its meeting last night.

The grant, to be used for arts and art programming in Town, was a joint effort between the RDC and the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, which is also the Board’s partner is managing Food Truck Square.

RDC President Eric Hull said the Chamber worked hard on the grant. “We’re very excited and glad to see that. We’re grateful to the Chamber for working on that for us,” Hull said.

In related business, the last Food Truck Square event of the year is Wednesday, Sept. 11, and will feature a touch-a-truck event with lots of emergency response vehicles.

Duneland Schools Agreement

The Board directed Board Attorney Clay Patton to send a letter to the Duneland School Corporation withdrawing from its agreement to pay a certain amount of its Tax Increment Financing (TIF) revenue to DSC.

Per a 10-year agreement, the Board has been paying DSC twice a year for the past five years to help make up for tax revenue DSC misses out on because of the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district in Town. The Board intends to coordinate a new agreement with DSC and continue making payments, but a State-law mandated change in how school funds are managed means they need a new method for calculating the amount of the payments.

Nonetheless, the Board approved a payment of $50,000 to DSC last night, which is roughly the amount of each installment it has paid for the past three years, according to member Toni Biancardi. “After we’ve exited officially, we’re going to get together and figure out what the next five years will look like,” Biancardi added.

Westport Development Site

Holladay Properties, the Master Developer on the Food Truck Square Site and the attached 28-acres the Town acquired this year from DSC, presented three contracts for the Board to review. The contracts are for a team of consultants who will start planning a new town center development on the Westport site. The Board took the contracts under advisement, but took no action last night.



Posted 8/15/2019




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