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One response to Burns Harbor community center RFQ

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Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission President Eric Hull reported Wednesday that the RDC received one response to its Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a master developer for the Food Truck Square site and the attached Duneland School Corporation parcel.

The land in question--about 32 acres across Ind. 149 from the Town hall--can be developed starting March of next year once the Town makes its last payment to DSC in February. The Commission is looking for proposals that include an updated Town hall and a Town community center, and maintain or enhance the character of Food Truck Square.

The RFQ is an exploratory venture and does not commit the Town to accepting any offers or spending any money.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the Commission formed a review committee comprised of Commissioners Nick Loving and Brad Enslen to review the one RFQ. Hull asked that they bring in Town Council President Ray Poparad if they want a third set of eyes.

At this time, the RDC is not revealing who, or what entity, responded to the RFQ.

The RFQ did attract one other proposal: an offer from Harley Snyder Co. to provide master development consulting services.

Hull reported that Snyder reached out to the Town to offer consulting that would help the Town navigate potential negotiations and deals. Hull said Snyder hasn’t yet responded to a list of questions posed about his services. In light of that, and the Town only looking at one RFQ, the Commission tabled the matter.

Marquette Greenway Trail

Karnerblue Consultant Tina Rongers reported that the Town and SEH Engineering is continuing to coordinate with the DNR and INDOT on Phase 1 of the trail. Rongers also asked that the Commission review the Marquette Engineering Assessment Report from SEH and consider it for approval and public posting on the Town’s website. The Commission approved the report.


Commissioner Brad Enslen brought up that no one from Burns Harbor is attending the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Committee’s Ped, Peddle, and Paddle Committee (3PC).

“If we’re doing the Marquette Greenway and talking about doing other trails in Town, these are the people that get to look at it first,” Enslen said.

Enslen noted that he represented the Town on the same committee years ago, and volunteered to take up the position again. The Commission approved.




Posted 11/16/2018




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