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Burns Harbor to donate old fire truck to smaller department

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The Burns Harbor Town Council voted Wednesday to donate its old 1996 model fire truck to the San Pierre Volunteer Fire Department.

Since the BHFD acquired its new custom-built E-One fire engine last month, the Town Council has been mulling what to do with the Department’s 1996 model that needs extensive repairs.

Fire Chief Bill Arney reported that the truck could net between $5,000 and $10,000 if scrapped or sold to a collector. The San Pierre Volunteer Fire Department also said they would like it as a donation in a March letter of interest.

Council Vice-president and liaison to the Fire Department Eric Hull motioned to donate the truck to San Pierre.

“I think we’ve received quite a few things that have been handed down to us over time, and I think we’re in a position to hand something down to someone who needs it really badly,” Hull said.

The donation will be made final at next month’s meeting with either a resolution or a memorandum of understanding with the San Pierre FD.

“I think it will be a good value for them, and I appreciate that we can offer it to them,” Arney said.

Culverts on U.S. 20

In other business, Council member Ray Poparad brought up flooded properties on U.S. 20 near the entrance to the Village subdivision. Some residents have water flooding their front yards all the way up to their front doors from an overflowed ditch, according to Poparad.

Poparad said the culverts that run under those residents’ driveways are the homeowners’ responsibility to maintain, despite being in State right-of-way.

In the past, the Town has replaced collapsed culverts for residents if they buy the new culvert, and Poparad suggested the Town should try to unclog the blocked culverts on 20 by jetting them using funding from the sewer fund rather than potentially replacing a number of them.

Street Superintendent Pat Melton commented that the culverts are likely collapsed. Arney agreed, and suggested jetting could do more harm than good.

Council President Nick Loving also noted the work would be pointless if all the affected homeowners don’t agree to the plan.

Arney suggested the Town try to form agreements with the homeowners. Poparad asked Town Attorney Clay Patton to research the issue further.

Other Business

Loving asked Department heads to begin submitting lists of Town assets worth more than $10,000, with an estimated date for end-of-life, to create a Town-wide inventory list that will help plan for replacing high-dollar items down the line. Loving said the lists should include capital equipment and “anything else you think should be brought to our attention,” and that Department heads should err on the side of inclusion.

The Council reupped its contract with CivicPlus for web hosting service for the Town website. The contract amount hasn’t changed from last year.


Posted 5/13/2019




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