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Burns Harbor RDC plans for EMT salaries

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The Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission dedicated more money for salaries for workers to staff the Town’s ambulance at its meeting Tuesday.

Fire Chief Bill Arney received approval to hire 10 part-time EMTs to cover night and weekend shifts staffing the ambulance. The Town currently has 13 part-time paramedics, and Arney runs the ambulance more often than not during the day.

The Commission, which has recently shelled out money to help fund an addition to the Fire Department, the Town’s new fire engine, paramedic salaries, and the up-front costs of starting independent ambulance service, allocated $50,000 from its collected Tax Abatement fees to offset the cost of hiring the new EMTs and to sustain the fund to pay ambulance workers going forward.

Commission member Ray Poparad asked Arney if the ambulance service is starting to bring in money to help sustain itself. Arney said he didn’t have numbers on hand for what has been paid, but the Town has billed-out about $46,000 so far.

Commission President Eric Hull and Secretary Toni Biancardi asked that Arney begin providing the Commission with the monthly Fire Department report, including payroll and billing data, since the Commission is footing the bill. Arney said he’ll begin attaching a monthly revenue report to his regular report for them.

Poparad noted that providing independent ambulance service is the right choice, though it isn’t funding itself yet. “It’s a resource we need to provide, plain and simple. The time it takes the County to get out here, it could be life or death,” Poparad said.

RFQ Update

Hull gave an update on the Commission’s progress with the chosen developer for the new Town Center--Holladay Properties.

The Commission picked Holladay Properties to begin talks about a new Town Center on the 28-acre parcel attached to Food Truck Square. The Town officially acquired the parcel from the Duneland School Corporation last month.

Hull reported he, Karnerblue Consultant Tina Rongers, and Commission member Nick Loving met with representatives from Holladay.

“We had a pretty good discussion about where we’re at and where we need to go,” Hull said.

Hull said the Plan Commission will be reviewing Burns Harbor’s comprehensive plan soon, and the Redevelopment Commission will consider the comprehensive plan, as well as the Marquette Plan, in future talks with Holladay. “The plan is to meet again after we do a little more review on our end.”

No construction is planned for the site this year. The farmer leasing the land has been invited to lease it for another season.

Next Level Trails Grant

Rongers reported that she received word from the Department of Natural Resources on the Town’s application for the Next Level Trails Grant. The DNR had some follow-up questions, and Rongers expects to hear whether or not the application has bee accepted in two or three weeks.


Posted 3/22/2019




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