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Burns Harbor council eyes banning on street parking on roads with no curbs

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The Burns Harbor Town Council considered amendments to two ordinances at its meeting last night, one for limiting street parking on certain roads.

The Council is in the process of amending the traffic ordinance that covers the parking ban during snowfall of more than two inches, and as part of that the Council also plans to address obstructions in the road that could impede the travel of emergency vehicles.

Council President Ray Poparad said, “As long as we’re redoing that parking ordinance, I’d like to motion that this parking ordinance for no street parking include all of the older streets that don’t have curbs and sidewalks.” He noted that some of the older roads are not wide enough to accommodate both parked cars and a passing firetruck or ambulance. “I know it’s not a problem yet, but I’m just trying to cut it off before it becomes a problem.”

Fire Chief Bill Arney interjected saying that there was a recent incident where an ambulance couldn’t get through because one resident had too many cars parked on one of the narrower streets. Arney noted that developmental standards have changed, so no new roads will be made too narrow or without curbs. As for the older roads, he said he thinks going by width is the key to covering all the roads where street parking would be an issue.

Poparad said he thinks “No parking on streets without concrete curbs” would be the clearest formula, as it includes all the roads in question. Town Attorney Clay Patton will amend the language of the ordinance and bring it to the next meeting for first reading.

The second amendment the Council considered was a proposal to change some of the wording in the zoning ordinance regarding permits for location improvements and building. Building Commissioner Randall Lopez noted that there are two forms for similar permits, and that has caused confusion. “Some people were calling to ask ‘which form do I fill out to put a fence up or do a room addition?’’

The Council approved the amendments on first reading and voted to suspend the rules and perform a second reading the same night. The amendment was approved unanimously, and the permits will be worded more clearly and available on the Town website in time for the building season.

Fire Department

Arney reported the firefighters are staying busy after a month filled with a lot of unexpected truck repairs. He said at one point, every truck was down, but everything has been fixed now. The Department responded to 31 calls and spent a total of 20 hours and 45 minutes on scene in March. Forty firefighters also did a total of 79 hours of training exercises on three training nights.

Arney also took a moment to thank the Street Department. “I called Pat about some trees on South Boo Road, and he and Rick have been out cutting low hanging and dead trees making it easier for school buses and fire trucks to get through there and making it safer for the general public too.”


Posted 4/12/2018




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