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Burns Harbor consultant gives final report on Food Truck Square

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Julie Warren is wrapping up her Open Scene grant consultancy with the Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission and gave an overview of her findings and recommendations for Food Truck Square (FTS) at its meeting Wednesday night.

Warren reported that she’s been in contact with the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, which this year is heading up FTS, Art Barn, The Chesterton Art Center, and South Shore Arts. The Chesterton Art Center is considering how it could contribute to FTS by having artists do demonstrations or hold classes. South Shore Arts may serve as a connection to live performance groups.

Warren said everyone seems excited to help make FTS bigger and better. “The sense was the arts organizations are really excited to be a part of it,” she said. “I think they all really appreciate the idea of bringing arts and culture into a public space. It’s a big deal to activate that space and create a place where people are excited to get together.”

Warren also said her report will contain some free and inexpensive ideas for marketing FTS, but she does think hiring an agency or partner to create a brand identity for Burns Harbor and FTS would be beneficial. “I think there could be a message that is really unique to the area you guys could come up with.” According to Warren, obtaining that message would be a small investment for large returns.

Wednesday was Warren’s last visit, and her final report will be completed next month. Rongers and Rogala took a moment to thank her for her service and expertise.

Food Truck Square

Rogala reports that the Chamber is working on combining the vendor applications for Food Truck Square. Currently there are separate applications for those applying for space on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The cost for vendors will also increase from $40 to $45. The cost will be $50 for those who need electric hook-up.

Rogala also said the budget will be finalized by Feb. 14 and is expected to make more use of money from sponsors and fees than previous years when the RDC has largely funded operations.





Posted 1/19/2018




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