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Burns Harbor boards set ALS and TIF meetings

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The Burns Harbor Redevelopment Commission meets Monday at 6 p.m. at the town hall to conduct a public hearing on whether to enlarge the townís TIF district.

Following the public hearing, RDC members will consider amending the districtís economic development plan and its area. The RDC faces a Tuesday deadline to have the TIF expansion completed for 2015 taxation purposes.

Only tax collections on future development in the designated TIF area are affected.

The RDC initiated the process May 12 when it authorized financial consultant Cender & Company to prepare a feasibility study whether to add the Traditions apartment complex to the TIF. At the June 11 meeting Cender analyst Dan Botich presented 45 pages of documents to not only add Traditions to the TIF but also land that is designated for a future downtown district.

The area to be added is 83 acres; about 27 percent of the town would be within the TIF economic development district.

If approved, the Burns Harbor TIF would be the first in Porter County to allow a school corporation, specifically Duneland School Corporation, to replace capital-projects funds it wouldnít receive because TIF collections are dedicated for the RDCís exclusive use rather than shared with other taxing units.

The schools would be paid $135,000 a year for 10 years to provide educational services under a contract with the RDC.

Both the Burns Harbor Town Council and the Advisory Plan Commission have signed off on the TIF-expansion proposal as required by the law for it to become effective.

The RDCís monthly meeting that previously was set for Thursday has been canceled.

This Friday the Burns Harbor Town Council will meet at 8 a.m. at the town hall for the purpose of approving an advanced-life-support ambulance service contract. June 11 members agreed Superior Ambulance Service will take over as primary ALS responder in town effective July 1.

The contract is similar to the one Superior has in effect with the Town of Chesterton. Currently the Porter County ALS service provided through Porter Regional Hospital is Burns Harborís primary responder.


Posted 6/25/2014