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Burns Harbor awarded $1 million for paving

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Burns Harbor Town Council President Ray Poparad announced at Wednesday’s meeting that Burns Harbor was awarded the full amount --$1 million -- from INDOT’s Community Crossings matching grant for road paving.

“We’re one of the few towns that got the full amount,” Poparad said, noting this is the second year of Community Crossings paving projects. “We’ve done quite a bit paving for the Town. The roads that were paved needed it,” he said.

A town the size of Burns Harbor receives a 75/25 match from Community Crossings. The project total for the paving to be done next year is an estimated $1.33 million.

The roads given priority for 2019 are as follows: Babcock from Haglund to Rainbow, Rainbow Drive from Babcock to West Dead End, Castle Street from Haglund to North Dead End, Coan Street from Haglund to North Dead End, Stanley Street from Haglund to North Dead End, Westport Road from Haglund to Navajo Trail, Riverside from Westport to East Dead End, Shadyside Road from Hickory to McCool Road, and McCool Road from U.S. Hwy 12 to Shadyside.

Employee Insurance

Poparad also reported that the Town’s health insurance for employees will change soon. The plan the Town was on has been dissolved and the carrier, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, was planning to transition the Town to another plan that costs 19 percent more, or $3,600 more, per month.

Poparad said through Anton Insurance, the Town’s agent, an alternate plan has been proposed from the same carrier. The new plan would have some increased deductibles for medical visits, but has increased coverage in other areas. According to Poparad, the new plan “picked up more dental and vision,” where employees can have eyeglasses and other materials covered as well as an eye exam.

The old plan would remain in place next month, and the new plan would take effect in January. Poparad scheduled a meeting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 20 where he will explain it in more detail for the employees.

Surplus Vehicle

The Council approved advertising for sealed bids on a surplus 2005 Ford Expedition. Bids are due Dec. 11 before 4 p.m.




Posted 11/16/2018




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