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BH Town Council still reviewing nonpayment fee ordinance

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A proposed amendment to a non-payment service fee ordinance was still under consideration by the Burns Harbor Town Council at its meeting Wednesday night.

The amendment would allow Burns Harbor residents who bounce two checks to the town to pay with debit or credit cards, in addition to cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Clerk-Treasurer Jane Jordan said the town is leaning toward a month-to-month contract to accept credit card and debit card payments through PayGOV. Those making card payments to the town would be charged a small fee, but Town Attorney Clay Patton said the contract is unclear on the amount of the fee. Depending on the wording of the contract, the fee per transaction may be $1, 3 percent of the transaction total, or $4.95. The fee may also be different for those who pay in person and those who pay by phone.

The town would also need insurance coverage in case of data breaches when it begins accepting card payments. Jordan said she would investigate the cost of the additional insurance and clarify the amount of the fee PayGOV charges. The council will reexamine the issue at its Dec. 13 meeting.

Health Insurance

President Ray Poparad took a moment to comment on municipal health insurance. According to Poparad, premiums have gone down, but deductibles have risen by $1,000, while Jordan noted that the IRS contribution has only risen by $100 dollars.

Poparad asked Jordan to work on setting a date for when town employees can meet with him and discuss their concerns about their policies. For now, Poparad thinks that the existing plan is the best in comparison to others. “I can apologize, but we did our best to find other avenues,” he said.

Join a Town Board

In other business, Poparad encouraged residents to apply to serve the town, as several positions on boards will open on Jan. 1.

Open positions include two seats on the Plan Commission and one open seat on each of the following: Board of Zoning Appeals, Redevelopment Commission, Parks Board, Sanitary Board, and Storm Water Board.

Those interested can pick up a paper application at the town hall or access the application on the municipal website.

Other Business

*Leaf pick-up will continue every Monday, weather permitting, Street Superintendent Pat Melton said, and the Street Department is anticipating busy weeks ahead. Melton also said two plows have been prepared for upcoming snow.

*Paulene Poparad delivered her presentation on the history of Burns Harbor to the council members. She has previously made this presentation to the Duneland Historical Society.

*The town will advertise four surplus vehicles for bids next week. The public will have an opportunity to view the vehicles and submit bids to the town, if interested.


Posted 11/9/2017




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