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BH Sanitary Board to talk fines for oil in sewers and solution to odor problem

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The Burns Harbor Sanitation Board will meet at 7 p.m. on Wednesday at the Town Hall building, 1240 N. Boo Rd.

In new business, the board will discuss violations and fines for discharging grease or oil into the sanitary sewer system.

Next, the board will discuss a permanent generator at Lift Station #2 and the odor complaints at Haglund and Westport Roads.

The odor was a topic of discussion at last week’s Town Council meeting, brought up by complaints from resident Gayle Van Loon and Councilman Marcus Rogala. Sanitation Superintendent Bill Arney said the smell is caused by off-gassing in the sanitary system that can increase at times because the system is not at maximum flow.

Arney will make his monthly sanitary report to the board. There also will be an engineer report, a flow report, spending review and, in old business, discussion about car washes.

The public may comment during the Good of the Order of the Community.

Westport drainage

at Stormwater Bd.

Before the Sanitary Board meets, the Town’s Stormwater Board will meet at 6:30 p.m.

Under old business, the board will continue to discuss the potential Westport Rd. drainage project. The Town is looking at ways to get the project completed before the road is paved using state grant funds.

The board will hear an engineer report. There is no new business on the agenda. The public may comment in the Good of the Order of the Community.


Posted 1/16/2017




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