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Tuzinski earns state berth as Trojan gymansts finish 4th at regional

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Brandi Tuzinski will get two chances to stand on the podium at the IHSAA State Gymnastics Finals next Saturday, but her teammates won’t get the chance.

Tuzinski finished fourth in the vault and third in the beam to earn a ticket to Ball State University in Muncie, while the Trojans finished fourth overall at the IHSAA Valparaiso Regional on Friday night.

“Not our best performances, but the girls did what we asked them to do,” Chesterton coach Lauren West said. “They came out and did their routines and didn’t hold back. That’s all I can ask from them.”

Tuzinski’s beam performance, a 9.60, came as no surprise to West.

“She’s so consistent and confident,” West said. “Especially on the beam, she doesn’t stress about it and neither do I. I’m happy that her hard work and confidence got rewarded with a trip to State.”

The Trojans also battled through an injury to sophomore Marisa Myers that caused her to wear a walking boot all week.

“Marisa made up her mind on Monday that she was going to compete tonight,” West said. “There was no talking her out of it or anything else. She decided she was going to do her full routines all out for her teammates and she did. You can’t give her enough credit for that.”

The Trojans lineup featured freshman Rachel Noel, along with sophomores Lindsey Campbell, Tuzinski and Myers.

“It’s nerve-wracking to be in this atmosphere for the first time,” West said. “Sometimes the nerves get the best of them and that’s ok. They’ll be better for it next year and it’s something you have to learn from.”

The meet also marked the end of the career of senior Mariel McElfresh who competed in three events for the Trojans.

“Mariel is a key part of our team and she’ll be hard to replace,” West said. “She starts us out on the floor and just gives us that energy that we need. We’re really going to miss her.”

IHSAA Regional


Team Results

1. Valparaiso, 113.90; 2. Portage, 110.375; 3. Angola, 106.15; 4. Chesterton, 105.45; 5. DeKalb, 104.60; 6. Plymouth, 98.45.

Individual Results

Vault -- 1. Morgan Algozine (V), 9.90; 2. Allyson Kraft (V), 9.60; 3. Madison Kurtz (P), 9.40; 4. (tie) Brandi Tuzinski ©, Mackenzie Barcelli (P) and Danielle Solis (P), 9.20.

Bars -- 1. Kiya Hill (D), 9.575; 2. Morgan Algozine (V), 9.55; 3. Hannah Erwin (V), 9.50; 4. (tie) Mackenzie Barcelli (P) and Allie Lazerwitz (V), 9.20; Alex Nickel (A), 9.10.

Beam -- 1. Morgan Algozine (V), 9.725; 2. Alex Nickel (A), 9.625; 3. Brandi Tuzinski ©, 9.60; 4. Abaigale Light (LaPorte), 9.55; 5. Mackenzie Barcelli (P), 9.35; 6. Danielle Solis (P), 9.30.

Floor -- 1. Morgan Algozine (V), 9.80; 2. Hannah Erwin (V), 9.70; 3. Kiya Hill (D), 9.65; 4. Alex Nickel (A), 9.625; 5. Mackenzie Barcelli (P), 9.60; 6. Emily Crosmer (V), 9.525.

All-Around -- 1. Morgan Algozine (V), 38.975; 2. (tie) Mackenzie Barcelli (P) and Alex Nickel (A), 37.35; 4. Kiya Hill (D), 37.05; 5. Danielle Solis (P), 36.675; 6. Brandi Tuzinski ©, 36.575.


Posted 3/12/2012