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Tuzinski advances to gymnastics State Finals

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Mission accomplished.

Chesterton’s Brandi Tuzinski recognized her season-long goal on Friday night by qualifying for the All-Around competition in the State Finals at the IHSAA Valparaiso Regional.

“I’m really glad to qualify,” Tuzinski said. “It was too close for comfort. I didn’t know where I was and it’s probably a good thing I didn’t.”

Tuzinski hit the automatic qualifying score of 37.15 as she finished fifth overall.

“I couldn’t be more proud of her,” said Chesterton coach Lauren West. “She’s worked so hard all season. She made it in the All-Around and she gets to represent the school in the All-Around and not just one or two events. With everything she’s put into this, she deserves it.”

The Trojan senior started the night on the floor exercise where she finished tied for third individually with a 9.6.

“I thought my floor was good,” Tuzinski said. “It was really important to get off to a good start or you start score watching. That usually brings your scores down.’

“It was vital for her to get off to a good start, especially in the floor,” West said. “She set the bar really high right off the bat and had that momentum.”

After tallying a 9.25 on vault and a 9.3 on bars, Tuzinski’s final event (beam) would be the decider.

“It’s supposed to be my thing, but it’s been giving me a rough time,” Tuzinski said. “I’ve been second guessing everything I do.”

Tuzinski put enough together to score a 9.025 and push her score above the mark.

“I think it’s her favorite event,” West said. “Even though she’s struggled with it the last couple of weeks, she knows she has a routine that can get her what she wants. She did what she’s supposed to do, just like she always has.”

IHSAA Gymnastics Regional


(Top 3 teams and 6 individuals in each event qualify for IHSAA State Finals)

Team Results

1. VALPARAISO 111.7, 2. PORTAGE 108.975, 3. MERRILLVILLE 108.9, 4. LOGANSPORT 107.925, 5. NOBLESVILLE 98.9, 6. HARRISON 95.

Individual Results

ALL-AROUND: 1. Kylee Maxwell (MT) 38.175, 2. Kelley Platt (L) 38.025, 3. Danielle Solis (P) 37.875, 4. Lia Milroy (V) 37.725, 5. Brandi Tuzinski (C) 37.175, 6. Hannah Best (CP) 36.975

VAULT: 1. Danielle Solis (P) 9.8, 2. Kylee Maxwell (MT) 9.725, 3. Kelley Platt (L) 9.7, 4. Taylor Woods (M) 9.625, 5. Katherine Chininis (N) 9.5, 6. Lia Milroy (V) 9.45, 11. Brandi Tuzinski (C) 9.25.

BARS: 1. Kylee Maxwell (MT) 9.65, 2. Kelley Platt (L) 9.575, 3. Lia Milroy (V) 9.45, 4. Rushelle Miller (V) 9.425, 5. Brandi Tuzinski (C) 9.3, 6. Heather Osorio (M) 9.275

BEAM: 1. Kelley Platt (L) 9.525, 2. Kylee Maxwell (MT) 9.475, 3. Danielle Solis (P) 9.4, 4. Emily Pomasl (L) 9.325, 5. Madison Kurtz (P) 9.275, 6. Lia Milroy (V) 9.225, 8. Brandi Tuzinski (C) 9.025.

FLOOR: 1. Danielle Solis (P) 9.7, 2. Hanna Wilson (V) 9.65, 3. (tie) Lia Milroy (V) and Brandi Tuzinski (C) 9.6, 5. Madison Kurtz (P) 9.575, 6. (tie) Heather Osorio (M) and Rushelle Miller (V) 9.55.



Posted 3/17/2014