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Trojans and Osborn run away with DAC title

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As his team awaited the awards presentation at Saturday's Duneland Athletic Conference championships, Chesterton coach Tim Ray busted one of his runners for munching on a funnel cake from a food stand at Sunset Hill Farm County Park.

About an hour earlier, the Trojans ran away with another DAC title, leaving the field like they were waiting in the concession line.

"I thought we ran pretty good," Ray said. "We just missed getting six guys all-conference (top 12), which would've been really something. Yes, we were the favorites, but that doesn't matter. It's an athletic event and anything can happen. We're running with confidence. When you get to the post-season, you just want to stay consistent, stay within yourselves, and do what you know you're capable of, and you'll be fine."

Fine indeed. Powered by defending champion David Osborn and five runners in the top 10, Chesterton scored 27 points, well ahead of runner-up Crown Point (82). The Bulldogs led a group of four schools with just eight points between them.

"We've won two in a row, four in the last nine years, and we'd only won one before that," Ray said. "The kids understand the historical perspective, and David's a big part of it."

Osborn joined the elite ranks of multiple DAC winners, breezing around the north end course of the park in 15:37.23, almost 32 seconds in front of teammate Ryan Cutter.

"It was just another solid performance," Ray said. "I don't want to say, 'oh, there's David again', but he's just so consistent. I wish everybody could get a kid who works that hard. A lot of schools are looking at him, and that's a payoff for what he's done, not only for himself, but for the program."

The Trojan senior looked to take things out conservatively, but a leisurely opening 1,000 meters prompted him to make a surge earlier than the halfway mark he had anticipated.

"It wasn't that challenging of a course. It was easier to run just naturally," Osborn said. "I took it out and I was feeling good. It's great to know the person behind you is a teammate. (Winning twice) is definitely something special. You look at past runners, (Mike) Fout, (Adam) Martin, it means you're pretty good when you're compared to them. It's definitely an honor."

Cutter didn't get caught up in Osborn's pace, settling in behind him for second in 16:09.11.

"It's great having David to train with every single day," Cutter said. "I saw him take off and I just wanted to be patient. I waited back to make my move a little later and make sure I got second. Comfortable is the best way I can put it. I was in my zone."

Thomas Halpin (6th, 16:27.31), Shane Kenney (8th, 16:29.29) and Jon Rogers (10th, 16:36.33) followed in short order, wrapping up the victory. Manny Orlich (14th, 16:50.04) and Tyler Rusboldt (23rd, 17:11.77) rounded out the Chesterton ranks.

"The farther you get in the post-season, it's more important where that No. 5 is," Ray said. "We've been working on whoever the back end is to stay up as much as possible, focus on staying there the second half of the race, and when people make their moves, to respond."

DAC Championship Meet


1. Chesterton, 27; 2. Crown Point, 82; 3. LaPorte, 87; 4. Valparaiso, 87; 5. Lake Central, 90; 6. Portage, 173; 7. Merrillville, 184; 8. Michigan City, 231.

Individual Results

1. David Osborn (C), 15:37; 2. Ryan Cutter (C), 16:09; 3. Dylan Harrison (M), 16:14; 4. Mitch Hubner (L), 16:18; 5. Chris Shellenberger (CP), 16:21; 6. Thomas Halpin (C), 16:27; 7. James Elia (V), 16:27; 8. Shane Kenney (C), 16:29; 9. Josh Hojnacki (L), 16:32; 10. Jon Rogers (C), 16:36; 11. Jake Ponton (LC), 16:38; 12. Andrew Facemyer (CP), 16:41; 13. Kevin Horecky (LC), 16:44; 14. Manny Orlich (C), 16:50; 15. Ahmad Aljobeh (V), 16:53; 16. Michael Bobos (V), 16:56; 17. Efrain Flores (LC), 16:58; 18. Chris Jelewski (LC), 17:00; 19. Colin Likas (CP), 17:04; 20. Nick WIlczewski (L), 17:07.

Other Chesterton finishers: 23. Tyler Rusboldt (C) 17:11.

Junior Varsity

The Chesterton boys junior varsity team finished second overall on Saturday at the DAC JV Meet at Sunset Hill Farm.

Valparaiso won the team title (33), followed by the Trojans (42), Crown Point (91) and Lake Central (94).

Ian Smith was the first Trojan across the line in fourth place in 17:32.



1. Valparaiso, 33; 2. Chesterton, 42; 3. Crown Point, 91; 4. Lake Central, 94; 5. Portage, 136; 6. LaPorte, 144.

Individual Results

1. Taylor Bisacchi (V), 17:13; 2. Tyler Kittridge (V), 17:17; 3. Marcus Trybula (CP), 17:27; 4. Ian Smith (C), 17:32; 5. Austin Palombizio (C), 17:37; 6. Jeff Trembacki (LC), 17:45; 7. Jacob Hamer (V), 17:46; 8. Aaron Parker (C), 17:53; 9. Shawn DeBoth (CP), 17:54; 10. Eric Menn (C), 17:56.

Other Chesterton finishers: 15. Andrew Kearney (C), 18:09; 21. Mike Marshall (C), 18:23; 22. Jordan Hoover (C), 18:24; 24. Joe Niepokoj (C), 18:30; 25. Luke Carr (C), 18:30; 34. Dan Carmody (C), 18:41.




Posted 10/5/2009