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Trojan Boys nearly pull off DAC surprise

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There aren’t any superstars on Chesterton’s boys cross country team, and that’s OK.

A collaborative effort is serving the Trojans just fine this season, and it darn near claimed them a Duneland Athletic Conference championship Saturday at Lemon Lake.

Chesterton placed its first five runners in seventh through 19th, nearly overcoming top-heavy Crown Point and Valparaiso as the Trojans finished third with 70 points, right on the heels of the Bulldogs (67) and Vikings (69).

“Not necessarily that close,” Chesterton coach Tim Ray said of how he thought the race would shake out. “We knew Valpo and Crown Point both had two guys way up front so we knew that would be the case. Our focus was to try to beat as many four guys as possible. That was our goal. We don’t have that No. 1 guy, so we have to try to stay together as much as possible, especially with this group, and see how it turns out.”

Nathan O’Connor is the leader of the no-name Trojans, placing seventh in the race in 16 minutes, 37.22 seconds. CP’s Geno Christofanelli cruised to individual honors in 15:55.49 on his home course.

“Nathan’s a senior who’s been our three or four guy since his sophomore year,” Ray said. “Just to see him (make) all-conference, to see him up there (thinking) ‘hey, I’m pretty good,’ to reap the benefits of all the hard work he put in over the summer, I’m happy for him.”

O’Connor was backed by Will Shook (16:46.7) in 12th, Matthew VanKley (16:55.55) in 14th, Kenny Erow (17:02.13) in 18th and Dylan Draves (17:06.23) in 19th, all ahead of the four and five finishers from C.P. and Valpo.

“Really all these kids, they weren’t like a (Jakob) Kintzele or (Andrew) Smenyak coming into the program,” Ray said. “I don’t think any were all-conference in middle school. To see them keep at it, do the time, and to be three points out of a conference championship.”

Matthew Streeter (31st, 17:31.94) and Kyler Haynes (41st, 18:02.06) also ran for Chesterton.

“With a mile to go, I thought we were looking pretty good,” Ray said. “I didn’t know what the team score was. I was going by feelings. I didn’t know it was that close (team-wise). (The last mile) was OK. My message to them was, ‘we’re getting better, but we can take another step if we really focus that last mile.’ It was a solid race, but not, oh my gosh, we’re going crazy. It’s a positive step, which is what we want in a race at this point.”

CHS travels to New Prairie on Saturday for the IHSAA Sectional.

DAC Meet


Team Results

1. Crown Point, 67; 2. Valparaiso, 69; 3. Chesterton, 70; 4. LaPorte, 98; 5. Portage, 120; 6. Lake Central, 124; 7. Merrillville, 142; 8. Michigan City, 211.

Individual Results

1. Geno Christofanelli (CP), 15:55.4; 2. Quinton Bock (CP), 16:14.6; 3. Mitchell Gits (LP), 16:17.74; 4. Kyle

Gutierrez (P), 16:18.36; 5. Jack Acton (V), 16:27.87; 6. Nate Smith (V), 16:34.62; 7. Nathan O’Connor (C),

16:37.32; 8. Isaac Beatty (LC), 16:43.41; 9. Tom Elwood (P), 16:43.97; 10. Joe Angert (V), 16:44.47.

Other Chesterton finishers: 12. Will Shook, 16:46.7; 14. Matthew VanKley, 16:55.55; 18. Kenny Erow, 17:02.13; 19. Dylan Draves, 17:06.23; 31. Matthew Streeter, 17:31.94; 41. Kyler Haynes, 18:02.06.

Junior Varsity

DAC Meet


Team Results

1 Crown Point, 29; 2. Valparaiso, 52; 3. Portage, 96; 4. Chesterton, 111; 5. LaPorte, 125; 6. Lake Central, 125.

Individual Results

1. Chris Todd (CP), 17:20.18; 2. Ethan Vinyard (V), 17:34.33; 3. Matt Bates (CP), 17:36.02; 4. JT Janda (CP), 17:39.18; 5. Joey Roytan (V), 17:39.58.

Chesterton finishes: 10. Adam Juestel, 17:59.06; 12. Cole Dolson, 18:06.35; 28. Ethan Mohoi, 18:29.10; 29. Ian Woodard, 18:30.35; 35. Travis Konarski, 18:40.74; 36. Brandan Hoch, 18:43.60; 37. Josh Dennington, 18:43.94; 50. Luke Caylor, 19:01.90; 53. Austin Johnson, 19:06.80; 60. Billy Clinkert, 19:18.10; 70. Francis Fox, 19:41.26; 77. Reece Erow, 19:52.60; 86. Ben Stahlhut, 20:15.41; 98. Sam Haughtington, 20:32.91; 99. Ben Larimer, 20:34.45; 101. Lucas Vinet, 20:37.70; 110. Owen Daugherty, 21:05.71; 113. Eric Swanson, 21:14.34; 124. Ian Rutherford, 22:01.45; 126. Ethan Woodrich, 22:17.07; 130. Ethan Kroft, 22:45.41.


Posted 10/1/2018




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