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No. 1 Trojan Gymnasts win CHS Invitational

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The flu bug that has been swirling around has nipped at the Chesterton gymnastics team, but not landed a full bite.

"I wasn't feeling the greatest. I've been sick the past week, a pretty bad cold," the Trojans Mia Pak said after Saturday's Chesterton Invitational. "I just came out here and did it for the team. I haven't had a lot of energy, but (coach Dawn Matthys) gave me some."

Whatever Matthys was doling out to her team, whether it was vitamin C, chicken noodle soup or a simple pat on the back, it worked.

Pak, despite not being 100 percent, gutted out a 38.3 all around, good for second place. She shared the top spot on floor exercise with teammate Sophia Hunzelman, winning balance beam while Hunzelman took uneven bars, pacing the Trojans to the team title with a season-best 113.95 points, a 4.1-point margin over runner-up Crown Point. Homestead (109.6) was third.

"This time of year, there's always head colds, even fighting being a little sick, and they did well," Matthys said. "Mia and Sophie are great leaders, hard workers. They both have a lot of beautiful, graceful talent. I'm really proud of my team. We've been working on some goals and I think most of them were hit, but there's still work to be done."

Chesterton pushed 114 despite counting falls on beam and bars. In addition to Pak and Hunzelman on floor, the Trojans put three in the top five on bars and three in the top six on vault.

"The potential is there," Matthys said. "We had a lot to choose from because we do have depth. We only could put four in each event and we could've probably put seven. We've got girls with a lot of talent who work hard. I like the invitational. Girls who have never been involved in this situation, it gets them out there and helps get rid of the nerves."

That included Belle Marchetti (sixth on vault, ninth on beam) and Danielle Kontos (eighth, floor).

"Some of our leadoff girls did really well," Matthys said. "Belle had a solid beam leadoff. I'm really proud of her. She's overcome a lot of fears and stepped into two roles. Danielle is new to a top four spot on floor and she looked beautiful."

Pak's outing was highlighted by her firsts on beam (9.75) and floor (9.7). She was vault runner-up (9.75) and placed seventh on bars (9.1).

"Bars, I had a little mistake, but I came back strong on beam and nailed it," Pak said. "I just went out there hoping to make it and I did."

Caitlyn Cook backed Pak in the vault (9.7), while also placing sixth on bars (9.15) and seventh on floor (9.4). Her 36.9 total was good for fourth all-around.

"Caitlyn stepped up really big. She's worked really hard," Matthys said. "Between Caitlyn and Mia's vault, they set us up in our first event to lead the way."

Hunzelman didn't vault, but excelled in her three events, recording a 9.7 on bars and a 9.6 on beam (third).

"Luckily, I do not. I think I missed this one," Hunzelman said of the flu bug. "Actually, I'm pretty pleased with all my routines. Those all went pretty good. Lately I've just been working a lot of my routines to gain consistency, staying steady with what I have."

"I think Sophie did amazing," Matthys added. "Her floor routine looked more dynamic. Coming into the season, she upgraded her dismount on beam, which looks beautiful. She's worked really hard on it."

Both Pak and Hunzelman credited the talent behind them as a contributing factor in their success.

"This team has a lot of depth," Pak said. "I think we can take it a long way."

"I'm last in the beam lineup, so it definitely helps to know there are three other good people in front of me who can hit their routines," Hunzelman added. "It takes a lot of pressure off me so I can just do my thing."

Homestead's Gianna Zirille won the all-around (38.55) and vault (9.8), while picking up seconds on beam and bars. She was also fourth on floor.

CHS Invitational


Team Results

1. Chesterton 113.95, 2. Crown Point 109.85, 3. Homestead 109.6, 4. LaPorte 97.65, 5. Lakeland 89.65, 6. Michigan City, McCutcheon, Mississenawa and South Central, NTS.

Individual Results

VAULT -- 1. Gianna Zirille (H) 9.8, 2. Mia Pak (C) 9.75, 3. Caitlyn Cook (C) 9.7, 4. Makenna King (SC) 9.65, 5. Gianna Witte (CP) 9.3, 6. (tie) Abigail Mathison (H) 9.25 and Belle Marchetti (C) 9.25.

BARS -- 1. Sophie Hunzelman (C) 9.7, 2. Gianna Zirille (H) 9.55, 3. Paige Hein (CP) 9.3, 4. Makenna King (SC) 9.25, 5. Abby Winland (C) 9.25, 6. Caitlyn Cook (C) 9.15.

BEAM -- 1. Mia Pak (C) 9.75, 2. Gianna Zirille (H) 9.65, 3. Sophie Hunzelman (C) 9.6, 4. Makenna King (SC) 9.55, 5. Sabrina Robinson (MCC) 9.4, 6. Kaitlyn Smith (CP) 9.3.

FLOOR -- 1. (tie) Mia Pak (C) and Sophie Hunzelman (C) 9.7, 3. Paige Hein (CP) 9.6, 4. Sabrina Robinson (MCC) 9.55, 5. (tie) Makenna King (SC) 9.4 and Gianna Zirille (H) 9.4.

ALL-AROUND -- 1. Gianna Zirille (H) 38.55, 2. Mia Pak (C) 38.3, 3. Makenna King (SC) 38.0, 4. Caitlyn Cook (C) 36.9, 5. Paige Hein (CP) 36.55, 6. Sabrina Robinson (MCC) 35.6.


Posted 2/3/2020




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