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Little Trojan Football Camp announces winners

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The Little Trojan Football Camp took place at Chesterton High School last week with more than 110 campers ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade.

The campers started the week learning the offensive and defensive football positions with the help of the high school football team. Campers also tested their abilities in a punt, pass and kick competition along with 40 yard dash and pro agility tests.

Winners in the Kindergarten class included Noah VanCleef (1st 40-yard dash, 1st Pro Agility, 1st Punt, 1st Pass, 2nd Kick), Andersen Himan (2nd 40-yard dash, 2nd Pro Agility, 1st Punt, 2nd Pass), Kylin Strickland (1st Punt, 2nd Pass) and James Hobbs (2nd Punt, 1st Kick).

First grade winners were Ryan Nix (1st 40-yard dash, 1st Pro Agility, 1st Pass, 1st Kick), Braiden Nilson (2nd 40-yard dash), Carson Hollingsworth (2nd Pro Agility, 1st Punt, 2nd Pass, 2nd Kick) and Braylon Doud (2nd Punt, 1st Pass).

Second grade winners included Jason Volk (1st 40-yard dash, 2nd Pro Agility, 2nd Pass), Andrew Goveia (2nd 40-yard dash, 2nd Punt, 1st Pass), Wolfgang Lutterman (1st Pro Agility), Randy Deutscher (1st Punt), Ethan Glassman (1st Kick) and Eli McClelland (2nd Kick).

Third grade winners were Owen Edlen (1st 40-yard dash, 1st Pro Agility, 1st Punt, 1st Kick), Logan Smith (2nd 40-yard dash), Christian Uzelac (2nd Pro Agility), Logan Smith (2nd Punt, 2nd Pass), CJ Perez (1st Pass) and Conrad Gaff (2nd Kick).

Fourth grade winners included Sebastian Powell (1st 40-yard dash, 1st Pro Agility, 2nd Pass), Greg Guernsey (2nd 40-yard dash, 2nd Pro Agility, 1st Punt), Jake Pacilio (1st Punt), Tyler Parrish (1st Punt, 1st Pass), Ethan Brinsfield (2nd Punt), Hunter Buza (2nd Punt), Adam Perez (2nd Kick) and Garrett Lewis (2nd Kick).

Fifth grade winners were Daniel Goveia (1st 40-yard dash), Alex Arredondo (1st 40-yard dash, 2nd Pro Agility, 2nd Punt), Cole Snyder (1st Pro Agility), George Vrahoretis (1st Pro Agility, 2nd Kick), Josh Wadowski (1st Punt, 2nd Pass), Christopher Woods (1st Punt), Gavin Rivera (1st Pass) and Nick Tilden (1st Kick).

Sixth grade winners included Ryan O’Dell (1st 40-yard dash, 1st Pro Agility, 2nd Punt), Carson Parrish (2nd 40-yard dash, 2nd Pass), Luke Fisher (2nd Pro Agility, 2nd Kick), Christopher Mullen (1st Punt, 1st Pass, 1st Kick) and David Jugovic (1st Kick).

The last two days, campers broke into teams and played games with high school players as coaches. The camp ended with a pizza party and the campers received T-shirts and footballs.

The camp was sponsored by Dean’s Tire Pros & Auto Care of Chesterton.

The campers also received coupons from local businesses including Arby’s of Chesterton, Culver’s of Chesterton, Duneland YMCA, Fazoli’s, Gelsosomo's Pizza, George’s Gyros Spot, Jimmy John’s of Chesterton, Lemon Tree Mediterranean Grill, Little Caesars Pizza of Chesterton, Molly Bea's Ingredients, Popolano’s, Taco Bell of Chesterton, The Port Drive-In, Third Coast Spice CafŽ and Val's Famous Pizza & Grinders.

There were also 11 sixth grade campers who have attended the camp every year and will have the opportunity to be ball boys for a varsity football game this fall.

Those campers were Jacob Burke, Jonathan Casey, David Jugovic, Isaac Kadish, Joshua Lemon, Christopher Mullen, Ryan O’Dell, Carson Parrish, Trenton Powell, Luke Stento and Riley Thomas.



Posted 6/29/2015