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Kenney return lifts Trojans at XC Sectional

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The good news for Chesterton’s boys cross country team Tuesday was the return of top runners Kevin Kenney and Tyler Vore to the lineup for the Chesterton Sectonal.

The bad news was only one of them reached the finish line.

While Kenney was none the worse for wear after a bout with mononucleosis, Vore aggravated his injured ankle falling down the hill on the first loop and was unable to complete the race.

“Basically having our No. 1 and 2 runners coming back, it was a lift,” Trojans coach Tim Ray said. “It’s the first time we’ve run our varsity since Martinsville. Their teammates go to the (start) line knowing those are guys who are going to be in the mix.”

Kenney showed no ill effects, running a 16:42.01 in his first race in a month. He took fifth. LaPorte’s Anthony Didion won in 16:02.86, 19 seconds in front of New Prairie’s David Kampf.

“Kevin ran a pretty solid race,” Ray said. “We thought a hiccup might occur, considering he hadn’t raced, but he’s got a strong base. I’m convinced he ran a 17:22 with mono. He had symptoms back in August.”

Vore was off to a good start when he lost his footing on the slippery Sunset Hill Farm course and went down, twisting his ankle again.

"He tried, but he just couldn’t do it,” Ray said. “He was doing well.”

Kenney’s showing was a big boost in the standings for Chesterton, too. The Trojans finished fourth with 96 points, five behind Portage. Valparaiso won its fourth straight title, scoring 32. LaPorte (72) was second.

“At least we’re in the same area code now,” Ray said. “Before, we weren’t even in the same state. At this point, everybody knows what everybody has. It could’ve been an on day for us.”

Mitch Wilborn aided the cause, taking 11th in 16:55.23.

“Mitch had a solid race again,” Ray said. “It wasn’t as good as conference, but you can’t be on every day. As a runner, you’re going to have off days, and Mitch was still pretty darn good. His off day isn’t too far off.”

Alex Genetski (26th, 17:26.97) and Jonah Noel (27th, 17:27.37) finished almost in tandem with Robert St. Pierre 30th (17:36.37) to punctuate the top five. Parker Whitmore placed 36th (17:57.53).

“We’re feeling a little better than we have all year,” Ray said.

Chesterton Sectional


Team Results

1. Valparaiso 32, 2. LaPorte 72, 3. Portage 91, 4. Chesterton 96, 5. New Prairie 134, 6. Michigan City 143, 7. Wheeler 183, 8. South Central 229, 9. Washington Township 253, 10. Westville 282.

Individual Results

1. Anthony Didion (LP) 16:02.86, 2. David Kampf (NP) 16:21.2, 3. Andrew Jankowski (V) 16:37.42, 4. Ari Coulopoulos (V) 16:39.48, 5. Kevin Kenney (C) 16:42.01, 6. Kevin Hickey (V) 16:42.45, 7. Sam Miller (LP) 16:44.65, 8. Joel O’Shea (Wh) 16:45.68, 9. Danny Dalton (V) 16:52.32, 10. Corey Alfredson (V) 16:53.99, 11. Mitch Wilborn (C) 16:55.23, 12. Braden Griffin (L) 16:57.13, 13. Bryan Flannery (SC) 17:02.32, 14. Nick Heimberg (P) 17:02.95, 15. Gavin Gresham (MC) 17:03.42, 16. Jon Hogg (BG) 17:07.09, 17. Kevin Mangel (V) 17:07.67, 18. Antonio Chapa (P) 17:08.73, 19. Jacob Chapman (V) 17:10.47, 20. Jacob Thielbar (P) 17:15.04.

Other Chesterton finishers: 26. Alex Genetski (C) 17:26.97, 27. Jonah Noel (C) 17:27.37, 30. Robert St. Pierre (C) 17:36.37, 36. Parker Whitmore (C) 17:57.53.



Posted 10/16/2013