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Illness and injury deplete CHS Boys XC team

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Illness and injury depleted the Chesterton boys cross country team at Saturday's New Prairie Invitational.

Already without Kevin Kenney, who is recovering from mononucleosis, the Trojans lost the other half of their top tandem when Tyler Vore had to drop out of the race after hurting his foot/ankle. Vore, who was 11th at the time, stepped awkwardly into a crevace as he traversed his way through the ravine on the back of the course, and was taken by his parents to get X-rays.

"Tyler's a really tough kid -- he's a nationally-ranked motocross guy. He races on Sundays and he comes to practices with all kinds of scrapes and scratches," coach Tim Ray said. "He couldn't put any pressure on it. I had to help him up the ravine. He sat around a little bit and then we decided to have him go get it checked out."

The injury happened in front of the other Chesterton runners and couldn't have helped their race psyches.

"When you're without your 1-2, it puts a damper on things," Ray said. "It took a little out of the kids. We were already running without (Kenney) and then they see (Vore) go down in the race. It was like another stab in the back. We're not real deep up front to begin with."

The short-handed Trojans still managed to finish 13th of 26 teams with 347 points. Valparaiso (85) won its third straight New Prairie title, followed by Portage (114). Mitch Wilborn led the Trojans, placing 28th in 16:58.4. LaPorte's Anthony Didion won with a time of 15:56.6.

"Mitch ran pretty well," Ray said. "They battled. They did the best they could. It wasn't what we hoped for coming into the race. We were kind of putting it together. We knew we were going to be missing Kevin, but we knew it was a possibility he was coming back. It deflates the balloon a little."

Also for Chesterton, Alex Genetski (17:37) was 71st, Parker Whitmore (17:46.1) 79th, Jonah Noel (17:50.1) 84th, Robert St. Pierre (17:52.2) 85th and Brad Adkins (18:25.5) 118th. Ray noted the performances of Michael Amling, David Tincau and Eddie Kaczmarek in the reserve race.

Kenney is supposed to get medically cleared to return next Monday. Last week was his first full week out, though it's believed he's had the virus for nearly three weeks.

"He didn't lose that much fitness," Ray said. "It should be a little while to get him back to halfway decent."

New Prairie Invitational


Team Results

1. Valparaiso 85, 2. Portage 114, 3. Northridge 119, 4. LaPorte 152, 5. Munster 160, 6. Warsaw 184, 7. South Bend Riley 212, 8. Crown Point 265, 9. Hobart 273, 10. Penn 297, 11. McCutcheon 306, 12. Martinsville 315, 13. Elkhart Memorial 341, 14. Chesterton 347, 15. South Bend Adams 358, 16. East Noble 395, 17. Lake Central 438, 18. Elkhart Central 456, 19. Lowell 472, 20. Michigan City 494, 21. Merrillville 521, 22. Harrison (West Lafayette) 552, 23. Concord 567, 24. Logansport 579, 25. South Bend Washington 798, 26. South Bend Clay 830, 27. West Side 838.

Individual Results

1. Anthony Didion (LP) 15:56.6, 2. Jacob Timmons (SBA) 16:01.6, 3. Blake O'Dell (N) 16:01.8, 4. Brian Blaylock (L) 16:08.4, 5. Andy Timmons (SBA) 16;12.9, 6. Ari Coulopoulos (V) 16:13, 7. Ryan Kritzer (Mu) 16:13.7, 8. Tom Bolanowski (Mu) 16:21.8, 9. Travis Kulczar (SBR) 16:24.5, 10. Tylor Hudson (P) 16:25.9, 11. Sam Miller (LP) 16:26.5, 12. Connor Stadt (N) 16:26.5, 13. Brent Dunn (H) 16:27.1, 14. Tyler Gray (CP) 16:30.9, 15. Andrew Jankowski (V) 16:31, 16. Nick Firisch (Mar) 16:32.6, 17. Corey Alfredson (V) 16:40.7, 18. Danny Dalton (V) 16:42.2, 19. Owen Glogovsky (W) 16:43.2, 20. Jacob Langbehn (CP) 16:49.4.

Chesterton finishers: 28. Mitch Wilborn (C) 16:58.4, 71. Alex Genetski (C) 17:37, 79. Parker Whitmore (C) 17:46.1, 84. Jonah Noel (C) 17:50.1, 85. Robert St. Pierre (C) 17:52.2, 118. Brad Adkins (C) 18:25.5.



Posted 9/23/2013