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Full strength Chesterton Boys 2nd at cross country sectional

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By Jim Peters

As Chesterton's boys cross country team stepped to the start line for Saturday's New Prairie Sectional, it did so with something it hadn't done all season.

"It's the first time all year we've run all our top guys," Trojans coach Tim Ray said. "One had the SAT last week, I disciplined some kids another week, some kids were hurt. It was nice to finally be able to run together as a group."

It showed in the standings, where Chesterton made a good run at Valparaiso for the team title, finishing behind the Vikings 39-48. The teams claimed 14 of the top 20 individual spots with the remaining qualifying teams -- New Prairie (102), LaPorte (101) and Wheeler (130) well back.

"Valpo might be top 10 in the State, and we were close and then we're not," Ray said. "In the grand scheme of things, if we can compete with those guys, I'm pretty pleased with where we're at and what we need to do the next few weeks."

Will Shook took second for the Trojans, nipping Valpo's Joseph Roylan, 16:29.7-16:20.2, at the line. New Prairie's Tim O'Laughlin defended his own turf, winning in 16:19.6.

"I thought I had a really good finish," Shook said. "I was just kind of coasting in, then I thought, I've just got to go."

Cole Raymond of LaPorte set a blistering pace in the race, but Shook and the Trojans resisted the temptation to chase the early speed.

"I just kind of laid back and stayed with the pack so I didn't have to do that much," Shook said.

Ray credited his team for sticking with the race plan despite their overall post-season inexperience.

"We have four seniors in our top seven, but only two have varsity experience," Ray said. "They did what they were supposed to, they continued to stay together. Last week, we got a little separated. We bunched up better for a longer period of time. We have to stay with what works for us. They're pretty disciplined when it comes to that. They know what we need to accomplish and how to accomplish it."

Dylan Draves was seventh for Chesterton in 16:44.6.

"He's been real consistent all year," Ray said. "It's been nice for him to have some guys around him this year. That benefits him."

The remainder of the Trojans' top five finished in close succession -- Matthew Streeter (12th, 16:50.7), Adam Juestel (13th, 16:51.3) and Travis Konarski (14th, 16:51.7), followed by Cole Dolson (16th, 16:53.3) and Josh Tuck (18th, 17:04.6).

"We need to work the second portion of the race to bring that group further up," Ray said.

The balance of the regional field will be Kankakee Valley, Morgan Township, Rensselaer, Kouts and Knox.

"We just have to keep improving every week," Shook said. "It's nice to have the guys just behind me. I know they're going to do well, so the team's going to do well."

IHSAA Sectional


Team Results

1. Valparaiso, 39; 2. Chesterton, 48; 3. LaPorte, 102; 4. New Prairie, 102; 5. Wheeler, 130; 6. Portage, 175; 7. Boone Grove, 199; 8. South Central, 241; 9. Michigan City, 264; 10. Washington Twp., 274; 11. Michigan City Marquette, 291; 12. Westville, 354.

Individual Results

1. Tim O’Laughlin (New Prairie), 16:19.6; 2. Will Shook (Chesterton), 16:29.7; 3. Joseph Roytan (Valparaiso), 16:30.2; 4. Stephen Franczek (Wheeler), 16:40.7; 5. Cole Raymond (LaPorte), 16:41.7.

Other Chesterton finishers: 7. Dylan Draves, 16:44.6; 12. Matthew Streeter, 16:50.7; 13. Adam Juestel, 16:51.3; 14. Travis Konarski, 16:51.7; 16. Cole Dolson, 16:53.3; 18. Josh Tuck, 17:04.6.



Posted 10/14/2019




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