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Photo: Fab four secures CHSs first state swim relay title

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First ever: Chesterton’s 200 free relay team of (left to right) junior Sarah Kehe, sophomore Christy Grcevich, sophomore Talor Whitaker, and freshman Taylor Lipniskis won the first relay state title in school history Saturday at the IHSAA Girls Swimming and Diving State Championship Meet at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis. The Lady Trojans placed sixth as a a team. (Tribune photo by Jimmy Kissee)



INDIANAPOLIS - Sarah Kehe raised her arms in triumph, Taylor Lipniskis gave a look of disbelief and Talor Whitaker couldn’t hold back the tears as Christy Grcevich, swimming the final leg of the 200 free relay, touched with a top time of 1:36.51 for Chesterton’s first-ever relay title Saturday at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis.

A dream became a reality for the fanatastic foursome.

“It’s just awesome to win,” said Whitaker. “We were so focused and wanted to win so bad.”

First year phenom Lipniskis, whose legs wobbled with anticipation as she waited to make her contribution, said, “It’s just an unbelievable feeling. I was very, very nervous, but this is great.”

The Lady Trojans relay team, ranked second almost the entire season, but earned the No. 1 seed in the finals after a strong showing at the prelims, had the lead throughout as they cruised past second place finishing Carmel (1:37.07).

“Everyone on the relay just had great swims,” Kehe said.

“We’ve been checking the rankings throughout the season, and we knew if we came down here and all of us put everything together we could definitely win. But seeing it and doing it are completely different and we did it. It’s just a great feeling - one I’ll never forget.”

Until the relay, Grcevich had a subpar start to the finals as the defending state champ in the 100 fly and runner-up in the 50 free managed a sixth and fourth place finish respectively in the same two events this year, despite earning the No. 1 seed in both after season-best swims in the prelims.

Although she struggled early, Grcevich was nothing short of amazing in the end, swimming a season-best split to bring home the title on the anchor leg.

“I didn’t want to leave here without at least one first place finish and all the other girls really wanted it too,” Grcevich said.

“This is extremely exciting to win this together. Also, Chesterton’s never won a relay so that’s pretty cool.”

As for her individual events, Grcevich added, “I guess it was just a bad day. I wasn’t as pumped as I was at the prelims, but getting top eight at state is still a pretty nice accomplishment.”

Chesterton coach Kevin Kinel, who held a mid-meet meeting just before the relay team was announced to try and light a fire, explained most of his girls weren’t in the same state of mind after the prelims.

“I think the kids sort of thought they were done after the prelims,” said Kinel, whose team ended sixth overall with 133 points for the region’s top finish and highest team placing since 2001 where the Lady Trojans finished fourth.

“We swam so well at the prelims, but in the finals I don’t think we had that nervous tension, so I took them aside and got in their face and challenged them a little bit. It took some real courage to do what they did and the kids stepped up. It was just a great race and I couldn’t be more proud.”

The same four - all underclassmen, added an encore finish, placing second in the meets final event - the 400 free relay.

Whitaker also added a pair of individual medals as the sophomore placed seventh in both the 50 free and 100 free.

Kehe ended 13th in the 500 free and 14th in the 200 free, and Carlie Frech, who was a pleasant surprise just to make it to the finals, placed 24th with a score of 155.35.

Girls Swim Results

31st Annual State Finals

At IUPUI Natatorium, Indianapolis

Top-10 Team Scores

1. Carmel 269, 2. Hamilton Southeastern 200, 3. North Central 179, 4. Homestead 151, 5. Fort Wayne Snider 149.5, 6. CHESTERTON 133, 7. Yorktown 132.5, 8. Munster 131, 9. Lake Central 118, 10. Center Grove 104.

Other Team Totals

Jasper 93, Castle 80.5, Lafayette Jefferson 58, Highland 46, West Lafayette Harrison 41, Columbus North 40, Jeffersonville 39, Northridge 37, South Bend St. Joseph’s 35, Evansville Harrison 33, Bloomington North 29, Mount Vernon 22.5, Broad Ripple 17, Whiteland 16, Heritage Christian 15, Greencastle 15, Plainfield 14, Fort Wayne Carroll 12, Norwell 10.5, Noblesville 10, Avon 10, Brebeuf Jesuit 10, South Bend Riley 9, Penn 8, New Castle Chrysler 6.5, Edgewood 6, Franklin Community 6, West Lafayette 5, Floyd Central 5, East Central 4, Brownsburg 4, Pendleton Heights 3, Vincennes Lincoln 3, Crown Point 3, Anderson Highland 3, Westfield 3, Cowan 2, Fort Wayne South Side 2, Bremen 1, Indianapolis Bishop Chatard 1.

Individual results

200-yard medley relay—1, Hamilton Southeastern (Kelley Otto, Lindsay Rogers, Erika Paul, Kiersten Stolen), 1:45.31 (State Meet record; old record was 1:45.73 by Carmel, 1989); 2. Carmel, 1:47.91; 3, Munster, 1:48.66; 4, North Central, 1:49.13; 5, Fort Wayne Snider, 1:49.30; 6, Center Grove, 1:50.07; 7, Lafayette Jefferson, 1:50.07; 8, Homestead, 1:50.73.

200-yard freestyle—1, Margaret Bird, Yorktown, 1:50.42; 2, Christine Shelhorn, North Central, 1:50.84; 3, Mary Grace Godfrey, South Bend St. Joseph’s, 1:51.19; 4, Jill Lockhart, Yorktown, 2:51.39; 5, Aubree Biegel, Lake Central, 1:52.33; 6, Arrika Bales, Lafayette Jefferson, 1:55.01; 7, Cara Briggs, Munster, 1:55.73; 8, Katie McRoberts, Carmel, 1:57.17; (14. Sarah Kehe, Chesterton. 1:56.54).

200-yard individual medley—1, Michelle McKeehan, Center Grove, 2:00.98; 2, Leslie Van Winkle, Evansville Harrison, 2:04.93; 3, Julie Feingold, Munster, 2:07.20; 4, Stephanie Parker, Fort Wayne Snider, 2:07.86; 5, Margaret Behrnes, Munster, 2:08.73; 6, Erica Smith, Fort Wayne Snider, 2:09.28; 7, Amber Molina, North Central, 2:09.95; 8, Jessica Skiba, Homestead, 2:10.13.

50—yard freestyle—1, Taylor Baughman, Carmel, 23.84; 2, Ariel Martin, Jeffersonville, 23.61; 3, Kayla Sergesketter, Jasper, 23.73; 4, Christy Grcevich, Chesterton, 23.77; 5, Kelly Johnson, Homestead, 24.21; 6, Stephanie Moon, Lake Central, 24.30; 7, Talor Whitaker, Chesterton, 24.34; 8, Kelley Otto, Hamilton Southeastern, 24.44.

One—meter diving—1, Kelci Bryant, West Lafayette Harrison, 504.10 (State Meet record; old record was 477.0 by Julie Broms, North Central, 2003); 2, Brittney Feldman, Broad Ripple, 497.60; 3, Monica Dodson, Whiteland, 441.25; 4, Audra Egenolff, Heritage Christian, 427.15; 5, Kayla Purkiser, Plainfield, 425.60; 6, Ashley Karnes, Bloomington North, 416.05; 7, Tien Tran, Center Grove, 399.30; 8, Sarah Clay, Hamilton Southeastern, 398.90; (24. Carlie Frech, Chesterton, 155.35).

100-yard butterfly—1, Alyssa Rosinko, Carmel, 56.66; 2, Mary Grace Godfrey, South Bend St. Joseph’s, 56.74; 3, Erica Paul, Hamilton Southeastern, 56.87; 4, Jill Lockhart, Yorktown, 57.13; 5, Alex Young, Carmel, 57.22; 6, Christy Grcevich, Chesterton, 57.25; 7, Jennifer Connolly, West Lafayette Harrison, 57.50; 8. Erica Smith, Fort Wayne Snider, 57.73.

100-yard freestyle—1, Taylor Baughman, Carmel, 50.83; 2, Kayla Sergesketter, Jasper, 51.42; 3, Leslie Van Winkle, Evansville Harrison, 51.50; 4, Lindsay Rogers, Hamilton Southeastern, 52.35; 5, Stephanie Moon, Lake Central, 52.43; 6, Kelly Johnson, Homestead, 52.66; 7, Taylor Whitaker, Chesterton, 53.01; 8, Tracy Menzel, Greencastle, 53.33.

500-yard freestyle—1, Christine Shehorn, North Central, 4:55.19; 2, Margaret Bird, Yorktown, 4:55.45; 3. Jessica Skiba, Homestead, 5:00.41; 4, Alex Young, Carmel, 5:00.66; 5, Samantha Partridge, Carmel, 5:06.47; 6, Aubree Biegel, Lake Central, 5:06.49; 7, Arrika Bales, Lafayette Jefferson, 5:09.26; 8, Rebecca Retrum, Hamilton Southeastern, 5:09.43; (13. Sarah Kehe, Chesterton, 5:10.14).

200-yard freestyle relay—1, Chesterton (Talor Whitaker, Taylor Lipniskis, Sarah Kehe, Christy Grcevich), 1:36.51; 2. Carmel, 1:37.07; 3, Lake Central, 1:37.45; 4. Hamilton Southeastern, 1:37.62; 5, Yorktown, 138.00; 6, Homestead, 1:38.33; 7, North Central, 1:38.40; 8, Fort Wayne Snider, 140.44.

100-yard backstroke—1, Ariel Martin, Jeffersonville, 56.47; 2. Margaret Behrens, Munster, 57.17; 3, Lauren Grimes, Castle, 57.99; 4, Amber Molina, North Central, 58.49; 5, Megan Sparks, Carmel, 58.61; 6, Stephanie Meyer, Fort Wayne Snider, 59.18; 7, Diane Threlkeld, Mount Vernon, 59.18; 8, Macy Zander, Homestead, 59.59.

100-yard breaststroke—1, Michelle McKeehan, Center Grove, 1:02.68; 2, Julie Feingold, Munster, 1;04.75; 3, Lindsay Rogers, Hamilton Southeastern, 1;05.21; 4, Stephanie Parker, Fort Wayne Snider, 1:06.09; 5, Whitney Hackman, Northridge, 1:06.16; 6, Emily DiBenigno, Carmel, 1:06.46; 7, Emily Porteous, North Central, 1:07.14; 8. Kristy Winck, Castle, 1:07.15.

400-yard freestyle relay—1, Carmel (Young, Sparks, McRoberts, Baughman), 3:29.61; 2. Chesterton (Talor Whitaker, Taylor Lipniskis, Sarah Kehe, Christy Grcevich), 3:33.04; 3, Lake Central, 3:33.44; 4, Jasper, 3:34.95; 5, Homestead, 3:36.08; 6, Fort Wayne Snider, 3:36.59; 7, Hamilton Southeastern, 3:38.48; 8. Highland, 3:38.71.


Posted 2/14/2005