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CHS Volleyball sweeps Boone Grove in 3 games

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The Chesterton volleyball team improved to 23-8 on the year with a 25-16, 25-15, 25-20 victory at Boone Grove on Monday.

Offensively, Shelby Ruffner led the Trojans with 10 kills, while Jessica Urycki added six kills. Jennifer Williams and Katie Urycki each tallied five kills as Sara Tarnowski and Ali Ostrom each recorded four kills.

Ariane Mahaffey dished out a team-best 12 assists with Williams and Jessica Thornton getting 11 assists each.

Defensively, Tarnowski led the way with 10 digs and Emily Marcus added nine digs. Katie Urycki tallied eight digs with Shelby Snyder getting six digs.

Chesterton 25-25-25, Boone Grove 16-15-20


Chesterton -- Jennifer Williams 5 kills, 11 assists, 3 digs; Katie Urycki 5 kills, 8 digs; Sara TarnowskI 4 kills, 10 digs; Emily Marcus 2 kills, 9 digs; Jessica Thornton 11 assists, 5 digs; Emily Nix 3 kills; Jordyn Moleski 4 digs; Jessica Urycki 6 kills, 3 digs; Shelby Snyder 3 assists, 6 digs; Shelby Ruffner 10 kills, 2 block kills; Ariane Mahaffey 12 assists, 3 digs; Ali Ostrom 4 kills.

Record: Chesterton 23-8.

Junior Varsity

Chesterton 25-25,

Boone Grove 13-17

The Chesterton junior varsity improved to 22-9 on the year with a 25-13, 25-17 victory at Boone Grove.

Offensively, Whitney Schreiber had a team-high six kills and Aubrey Nagdeman added four kills. Shelby Snyder and Samantha Stueber each had three kills.

Nagdeman had a team-best nine assists to go along with eight service aces. Snyder added seven assists.

Defensively, Schreiber had seven digs and Emily Parkerson had five digs. Nagdeman tallied four digs with Ashley Hecimovich getting three digs. Nagdeman also had two block kills.


Chesterton 25-25,

Boone Grove 9-22

The Chesterton freshman swept Boone Grove 25-9, 25-22 on Monday night.

Offensively, Elena Azcona and Taylor Rodriguez had three kills each. Lyndsey McNamara tallied two kills with Katelyn Woods and Samantha Broering adding one kill each.

McNamara had a team-best 10 assists, while Kaylee Goin tallied 12 service aces.

Defensively, Azcona had a team-high five assists and Alaina Kogler had four digs. Vanesa Quiroga, Goin and Rodriguez all had two digs.


Posted 10/9/2012