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CHS Gymnasts soar to Sectional title

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The scores continue to rise and Chesterton coach Dawn Matthys sees no reason for the ascent to stop.

“In gymnastics, you’re always striving for the perfect 10 and we haven’t reached it yet,” she said. “We counted a fall. That’s another five-tenths. There’s room to grow.”

The bar rose to 114.95 on Saturday, the Trojans score in winning the Chesterton Sectional, surpassing the school record of 114.6 they set earlier this season.

“We had the best score in the state and we counted a fall and we still beat it by a lot,” freshman Mia Pak said. “I think we can hit higher than 115.”

The trifecta of Jordan Bush, Sophie Hunzelman and Pak went 1-2-3 in the all-around standings and they dominated the awards podium. Bush won floor exercise, Hunzelman the balance beam and Pak the vault. Only Valpo’s Jenna Algozine (uneven bars) prevented a Chesterton sweep of the individual events.

"They haven’t been doing this for five minutes,” Matthys said. “They’ve been doing it all their lives. Experience, dedication, perseverance. They work really hard. They’re a very talented group and they also have fun. They’ve done club forever, but (high school) is a different atmosphere. You’re doing it for your school, for your peers. The challenge is a little different, but it’s very rewarding.”

Bush scored 38.65 all-around, a personal best, followed by Hunzelman (38.275) and Pak (38.05).

“Jordan’s the leader,” Matthys said. “Sophie and Mia have stepped into those roles now and again, but Jordan’s led all year. She motivates the team, encourages the team. She’s a great kid. You watch us compete on floor, she runs around the mat like she’s warming herself up.”

In addition to winning floor (9.75), Bush was second on vault (9.775) and beam (9.575) and third on bars (9.55).

“I was pleased with my bars,” Bush said. “I’ve had higher scores, but I felt like it was my best routine. I was just happy to go out and perform. My teammates were there backing me. I can hear them cheering. It feels great, knowing your parents and coaches are behind you.”

As well as her first on beam (9.625), Hunzelman placed third on floor (9.6) and fourth on vault (9.5) and bars (9.55).

“I was happy overall,” Hunzelman said. “I’ve struggled on beam, so it was good to be back. I usually have trouble with my series and I did it really well.”

Pak bounced back from a fall on beam to take vault (9.825), finish second on bars and fourth on floor.

“I was a little upset, but knowing we had floor and vault next, those are my best events. I knew I’d come back as strong as I ever would,” Pak said. “I’ve been working hard on my vault. I’m striving to break the record.”

The Yurchenko layout was just short of the 9.85 school record.

“This close,” Matthys said. “We know she can improve on her landing.”

Valparaiso (113.7) and Portage (110.25) also advanced to next Saturday’s IHSAA Valparaiso Regional as teams.

“Hats off to Chesterton,” Valpo coach Lorie Cook said. “They had an awesome meet. We know we’re going to have our work cut out for us, but we’re going to keep working and still go after them.”

The next step for Chesterton? Of course, it’s 115.

“As the season’s gone on, 115’s been our goal for a while,” Matthys said. “(Merrillville coach) Diane (Roberts) kind of challenged us. She said, you haven’t caught our record (115.1) yet.”

IHSAA Sectional


Team Results

1. Chesterton, 114.975 (SCHOOL RECORD); 2. Valparaiso, 113.7; 3. Portage, 110.225; 4. Crown Point, 110.1; 5. Merrillville, 108.65; 6. Michigan City, 105.45; 7. Lake Central, 104.1; 8. Hobart, 96.975; 9. Lowell, 94.05; 10. LaPorte, 88.5.

Individual Results

Vault -- 1. Mia Pak (C), 9.825; 2. Jordan Bush (C), 9.775; 3. Lizzie Wilson (V), 9.65; 4. Sophie Hunzelman (C), 9.5; 5. Whitney McKeon (V), 9.45; 6. Rachel Moneta (V), 9.4.

Bars -- 1. Jenna Algozine (V), 9.625; 2. Mia Pak (C), 9.6; 3. (tie) Jordan Bush (C) and Sophie Hunzelman (C), 9.55; 5. (tie) Abby Smith (M) and Whitney McKeon (V), 9.475.

Beam -- 1. Sophie Hunzelman (C), 9.625; 2. Jordan Bush (C), 9.575; 3. (tie) Rachel Moneta (V) and Caroline Weber (MC), 9.55; 5. Michaella Drake (P), 9.525; 6. Madison Rolle (CP), 9.35.

Floor -- 1. Jordan Bush (C), 9.75; 2. (tie) Lizzie Wilson (V) and Sophie Hunzelman (C), 9.6; 4. Mia Pak (C), 9.575; 5. (tie) Jenna Algozine (V) and Rachel Moneta (V), 9.55.

All-Around -- 1. Jordan Bush (C), 38.65; 2. Sophie Hunzelman (C), 38.275; 3. Mia Pak (C), 38.05; 4. Whitney McKeon (V), 37.475; 5. Michaella Drake (P), 37.4; 6. Rachel Moneta (V), 37.35.


Posted 2/26/2018




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