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CHS Gymnasts beat Hobart in home opener

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The Chesterton gymnastics team dominated every event in posting a 112.40-93.80 victory over Hobart in their home-opener on Tuesday night.

“It was a big success tonight,” Chesterton coach Dawn Matthys said. “I think the girls did really well. We have girls stepping into a leadership role.”

The Trojans swept the top three spots in all four events, including five different people.

“It’s a luxury and a curse to have as much depth as we have,” Matthys said. “Some of them wonder why they aren’t in one of those top six spots. I try hard to move things around and give them all a chance, but I’m also using their work ethic in practice.

“You have to go out and earn those spots every day if you want one.”

Jordan Bush led the Trojans with a pair of victories including the Bars (9.50), Vault (9.55) and All-Around (37.90).

“Jordan came out flying,” Matthys said. “Not only did she win the All-Around, but she leads this team. She motivates them, pushes them every day in practice and leads by example. She works as hard as anyone every day.”

The Trojans also got a pair of victories from Alyssa Donovan on the Beam (9.50) and the Floor (9.60).

“I’m very proud of Alyssa,” Matthys said. “She competed in three events and hit every one of her routines. She nailed the Vault and stuck her Beam routine. She had a 9.6 to win the Floor too.”

Freshman Mia Pak finished runner-up on Bars (9.40), Floor (9.50), Vault (9.40) and All-Around (37.55).

“Mia Pak was right there with Jordan for the All-Around title,” Matthys said. “She hit every event and had some high 9’s. She’s getting more comfortable with her teammates and coaches.

“High School gymnastics is different and it takes a little while to get used to it.”

Chesterton 112.40, Hobart 93.80


Bars -- 1. Jordan Bush ©, 9.50; 2. Mia Pak ©, 9.40; 3. Brittney Troup ©, 8.65; 4. Allie Palmer (New Prairie), 8.55; 5. Hailee Ellenwood ©, 8.45; 6. (tie) Lexi Avey © and Abby Winland ©, 8.35.

Beam -- 1. Alyssa Donovan ©, 9.50; 2. Jordan Bush ©, 9.45; 3. Mia Pak ©, 9.25; 4. Chloe Larson ©, 9.15; 5. Allie Palmer (New Prairie), 9.00; 6. Faith Scott (H), 8.75.

Floor -- 1. Alyssa Donovan ©, 9.60; 2. Mia Pak ©, 9.50; 3. (tie) Hailee Ellenwood © and Jordan Bush ©, 9.40; 5. (tie) Brittney Troup © and Maddie Juestel ©, 9.30.

Vault -- 1. Jordan Bush ©, 9.55; 2. Mia Pak ©, 9.40; 3. Whitney Siewin ©, 9.20; 4. Lexi Avey ©, 9.10; 5. Alyssa Donovan ©, 8.80; 6. Faith Scott (H), 8.70.

All-Around -- 1. Jordan Bush ©, 37.90; 2. Mia Pak ©, 37.55; 3. Allie Palmer (New Prairie), 34.85; 4. Faith Scott (H), 33.55; 5. Iyanna Steele (H), 30.35; 6. Neely Harpp (H), 29.85.

Junior Varsity

Chesterton 103.30, Hobart 59.60

The Chesterton junior varsity swept the top four spots in all four events and cruised to a 103.30-59.60 victory over Hobart.

Individual event winners included Kirsten Wozniak in the Bars (8.50) and Beam (8.60), Baylie Lawson on Floor (9.10) and Belle Marchetti on Vault (8.80).

Marchetti also won the All-Around (33.70).



Posted 1/10/2018




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