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CHS girls swim team wins 21st straight Duneland Conference title

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As the swimming season carries on, it can become a monotonous process.

With the postseason quickly approaching though, Chesterton coach Mat Pavlovich wasn’t sure what to expect heading into Saturday’s Duneland Athletic Conference meet at Crown Point.

“I know they’ve been tired,” he said. “We’ve been kind of sluggish in some of these other meets over the last three, four weeks. I think our team was excited to suit up and see what we can do.”

Chesterton recorded six overall wins and six runner-up finishes as it dominated its way to its 21st straight DAC title, finishing with 526 points, easily outpacing second-place Lake Central’s total of 377.

“It was a nice meet for us leading into the last couple meets of the season, it’s a real good confidence boost for the kids,” Pavlovich said. “There were some season-best times and some girls had lifetime-best times. It’s probably a very comparable meet to where they were last year at this time. I thought we would do really well, but there were a few things that exceeded expectations. The 400 (yard freestyle) relay was awesome at the end.

“Maisyn Klimczak had a great meet; she’s been going through the grind of it. I’ve been telling the girls to believe in the process. Following someone like (former Chesterton coach Kevin) Kinel, we each have our ways of doing things, but the kids have bought in.”

Klimczak, a junior, defended her conference titles in the 200- and 500-yard freestyles. She swam 1 minute and 53.52 seconds in the 200 and went 5:00.42 in the 500 -- both faster than her times at last year’s conference meet.

“I’ve been a little off this whole season, so I came in and really tried to keep positive and be ready to swim,” Klimczak said. “I’m very happy with how I did today and excited for the end of the season.”

The standout also swam on the team’s first-place 400-freestyle relay with Veronika Ozimek, Jordan Alders and Lauren Unruh.

“She’s been working really hard,” Pavlovich said of Klimczak. “She hadn’t been doing what she did (Saturday) in meets and had been struggling a little bit, and we’ve told her to just believe in the process. I knew at some point it’d click for her because she’s just such a talented swimmer.

“She hasn’t been swimming bad; like her last 25 (yards) in that relay was like ‘Oh my God’ because we were losing and she just put her head down and went. She grinds it out and being a distance swimmer, she’s gotta work at getting the fast-twitch muscles going sometimes. She’s going to do good things.”

Sophomore Ozimek anchored the 400-free relay, holding off Lake Central’s Paige Bakker, who had beat Ozimek by five-hundredths of a second with a 51.72 in the 100-freestyle. Ozimek won the 200 IM with a 2:07.19, edging teammate Alana Jardenil by five-hundredths of a second.

“It’s nerve-wracking every single time,” Ozimek said of swimming in the relay. “Swimming against her (earlier Saturday) set me up for the relay, so I was really ready for it. I knew with Maisyn that if she can get a little bit ahead, then we could win that in the end.

“I felt really good, better than I have all season. I’m really proud of all the girls today.”

Pavlovich said Ozimek may be the team’s most versatile swimmer.

“To be honest, she exceeded my expectations going 51 in her individual event and then 51 again in the relay,” he said. “She’s been working her butt off since the beginning. She’s very good swimming in the 100 free, but she’s more than just a sprinter. She can do the 200 IM, 200 free, all the different strokes really. It was a great swim for her.”

Olivia Kroeger was the 100-fly champion with a 57.29 and swam a leg of the second-place 200-medley relay with Ozimek, and Mady Elliott that lost to Lake Central by two-hundredths of a second.

Alena Jardenil added a runner-up in the 100 breast, as did Lauren Unruh (200 free) and Alders (100 back).

Elliott (100 back), Unruh (500 free) and Sophia Gill (50 free) had third-place finishes.

“I think everyone was a little nervous with a new coach coming in this season, but having him here has been a really good thing,” Klimczak said. “Some of us even did better than we did last year, so we’re all feeling really good.”

DAC Meet


Team Results

1. Chesterton, 526; 2. Lake Central, 377; 3. Crown Point, 347; 4. Valparaiso, 275; 5. LaPorte, 196; 6. Portage, 155; 7. Michigan City, 146; 8. Merrillville, 75.

Individual Results

200 Medley Relay -- 1. Lake Central, 1:45.93; 2. Chesterton (Mady Elliott, Alana Jardenil, Olivia Kroeger, Veronika Ozimek), 1:45.95; 3. Crown Point, 1:52.00; 4. LaPorte, 1:58.08; 5. Portage, 1:58.25; 6. Valparaiso, 2:00.91; 7. Michigan City, 2:06.64.

200 Free -- 1. Maisyn Klimczak (C), 1:53.37; 2. Lauren Unruh (C), 1:54.16; 3. Hanna Spoolstra (LC), 1:55.40; 4. Jordan Alders (C), 1:58.38; 5. Caiya Cooper (L), 2:01.84; 6. Hannah Shepherd (V), 2:02.44.

200 IM -- 1. Veronika Ozimek (C), 2:7.19; 2. Alana Jardenil (C), 2:07.24; 3. Michaela Spears (LC), 2:08.40; 4. Mady Elliott (C), 2:12.90; 5. Aliya Decker (V), 2:12.92; 6. Maggie DePirro (LC), 2:14.55.

50 Free -- 1. Jordan Artim (CP), 23.68; 2. Paige Bakker (LC), 23.73; 3. Sophia Gill (C), 24.96; 4. Sierra Jones (C), 25.03; 5. Abie Wiencek (L), 25.23; 6. Abi Raines (C), 25.33.

1-Meter Diving -- 1. Shelby Noonan (LC), 353.05; 2. Sarah Weber (MC), 338.65; 3. Ruba Alobeid (V), 314.40; 4. Madi Mercer (LC), 303.45; 5. Samantha Stringham (C), 302.10; 6. Grace Mikrut (CP), 294.70; 8. Jocelyn Mercier (C), 280.75; 11. Natalie Poffinbarger (C), 212.80.

100 Fly -- 1. Olivia Kroeger (C), 57.29; 2. Rebekah Shaffer (L), 59.57; 3. Maggie DePirro (LC), 59.62; 4. Sophia Gill (C), 59.80; 5. Olivia Piunti (C), 1:00.82; 6. Lilah Nelson (LC), 1:01.29.

100 Free -- 1. Paige Bakker (LC), 51.72; 2. Veronika Ozimek (C), 51.77; 3. Jourie Wilson (LC), 53.88; 4. Sierra Jones (C), 54.78; 5. Abi Raines (C), 55.01; 6. Abi Wieneck (L), 55.60.

500 Free -- 1. Maisyn Klimczak (C), 5:00.42; 2. Hanna Spoolsta (LC), 5:08.09; 3. Lauren Unruh (C), 5:10.25; 4. Aliya Decker (V), 5:16.53; 5. Caiya Cooper (L), 5:24.99; 6. Madelin Billings (C), 5:26.53.

200 Free Relay -- 1. Chesterton (Sierra Jones, Sophia Gill, Abi Raines, Lauren Unruh), 1:39.25; 2. Crown Point, 1:41.87; 3. Lake Central, 1:44.85; 4. Valparaiso, 1:45.65; 5. LaPorte, 1:45.69; 6. Michigan City, 1:51.91; 7. Portage, 2:07.72; 8. Merrillville, 2:45.61.

100 Back -- 1. Jourie Wilson (LC), 56.36; 2. Jordan Alders (C), 57.55; 3. Mady Elliott (C), 58.52; 4. Olivia Piunti (C), 1:00.64; 5. Emma Bahr (CP), 1:04.05; 6. Ruby Monroe (CP), 1:06.96.

100 Breast -- 1. Jordan Artim (CP), 1:04.82; 2. Alana Jardenil (C), 1:05.46; 3. Michaela Spears (LC), 1:07.60; 4. Erin McGuire (MC), 1:08.70; 5. Avery Johnston (P), 1:09.25; 6. Lexie Lorino (C), 1:10.81; 8. Morgan Gear (C), 1:14.48.

400 Free Relay -- 1. Chesterton (Lauren Unruh, Jordan Alders, Maisyn Klimczak, Veronika Ozimek), 3:31.67; 2. Lake Central, 3:32.56; 3. Valparaiso, 3:51.08; 4. Crown Point, 3:53.73; 5. Portage, 4:06.01; 6. LaPorte, 4:25.44; 7. Michigan City, 4:29.69; 8. Merrillville, 4:36.66.


Posted 1/20/2020




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