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CHS Girls cross country team advances to state finals meet

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A year ago, when the Chesterton girls cross country team qualified for the state finals, it was a moment of celebration for the end of a lengthy drought.

When the Trojans made it two in a row Saturday, the reaction was more subdued, not an indication of it being taken for granted, but a reflection of the strides the program has made in a short time.

"I'm so proud of them. They're starting a tradition," coach Lindsay Moskalick said. "Making it back-to back is something we haven't been able to do in a long time."

All that said, Chesterton didn't back up its regional-championship performance in similar fashion, finishing third with 134 points, behind West Lafayette (55) and Valparaiso (92).

"It was an OK day," Moskalick said. "After winning the regional, we wanted to perform a little better, but at the same time, our goal was to make it to state. They did what they needed to do. They knew if they took care of what they needed to take care of, they would be making it to state. It wasn't great, but we'll take it."

Following a week in which she saw little to no running due to back tightness brought on by a hip issue, Regional champion Shelby Bullock placed sixth in 18 minutes, 39.9 seconds. West Lafayette's Mary Schultz won in 18:24.4.

"She had a setback after the regional," Moskalick said. "We played it safe the beginning of the week and didn't run. As the week went on, she was feeling better. We talked about it and she made the decision to run. She was like, this is it, this is my senior year. I told her, OK, let's do it, but be smart, don't overdo it.

“Obviously, she did the best she could, but she was feeling a little flat, and rightfully so. Still, sixth is pretty good."

Bullock biked with Moskalick during the week and to her credit, she wasn't using the training detour as an excuse for her showing.

"I tried, I gave it all I had, the other girls just had a better day," Bullock said, estimating she was about 80 percent. "As a runner (injuries are) something you have to worry about. You always feel pain in a race. I know there's a fine line. I had to take it easy. You just have to get it out of your mind and go out like you normally do. Things happen for a reason. It's feeling way better. I think I'll be good (for State)."

Freshman Bailey Ranta backed Bullock in 11th (19:03.8), the only other Trojan in the top 20.

Nalani Malackowski (32nd, 20:00.1), Kara Krol (45th, 20:17.6) and Ashley Craycraft (75th, 20:51.6) completed Chesterton's scoring, followed by Bree Gentry (90th, 21:13.7) and Rebeeca White (110th, 21:27.1).

"I had to remind myself only three out of the seven kids have run here before (in Semistate)," Moskalick said. "Not being experienced, they didn't go out as hard as they needed to."

Moskalick doesn't expect that to be an issue at state.

"They have a coach who ran state four years. She has the experience," she said. "They'll realize, oh, I have to go out harder and run with someone I know I can run with. They'll be ready."

IHSAA Semistate


Team Results

1. West Lafayette, 55; 2. Valparaiso, 92; 3. Chesterton, 134; 4. Lowell, 143; 5. Warsaw, 180; 6. Crown Point, 189; 7. Hobart, 241; 8. Twin Lakes, 265; 9. Wheeler, 287; 10. Lake Central, 302; 11. Portage, 302; 12. Manchester, 314; 13. LaPorte, 330; 14. McCutcheon, 348; 15. Rochester, 367; 16. Lafayette Harrison, 388; 17. Culver Academy, 391; 18. Munster, 405; 19. Western, 467; 20. Benton Central, 474.

Individual Results

1. Mary Schultz (WL), 18:24.4; 2. Jordyn Boyer (Lo), 18:33.6; 3. Ellie Tate (WL), 18:34.2; 4. Ava Gilliana

(V), 18:36.4; 5. Karina James (Lo), 18:36.8; 6. Shelby Bullock (C), 18:39.9; 7. Jaelyn Burgos (CP), 18:46.8; 8. Maggie Gutwein (TL), 18:50.4; 9. Emma Tate (WL), 18:57.1; 10. Maddie Russin (CP), 18:59.1.

Other Chesterton finishers: 11. Bailey Ranta, 19:03.8; 32. Nalani Malackowski, 20:00.1; 45. Kara Krol, 20:17.6; 75. Ashley Craycraft, 20:51.6; 90. Bree Gentry, 21:13.7; 110. Rebecca White, 21:27.1.



Posted 10/22/2018




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