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CHS boys swim to 22nd straight Sectional title

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For Chesterton swimming coach Mat Pavlovich, the focus has been for his team to progressively get faster, ultimately leading up to the state meet.

On Saturday, Chesterton continued on with their coach’s primary focus, recording 10 of 12 wins at Saturday’s Valparaiso Sectional to record the program’s 22nd consecutive sectional championship.

In addition to its winners, the Trojans advanced its runner-ups in three events and were 1-2-3 in six events on their way to scoring 530 points, clearly outdistancing runner-up Valparaiso’s 402.

“It really played out exactly how we were shooting for,” Pavlovich said. “We had three sectional records and any time you break a sectional record, that’s a big deal. We’ve wanted to swim our fastest all season, but also leave a little bit for next week at state and I think we did that.

“We got a lot of guys going down to state, whether by state cuts or by call-backs. We feel really excited about things. Guys are in good spirits.”

Chesterton sophomore Gabriel Eschbach recorded a pair of wins, clocking 1 minute and 43.53 seconds in the 200-yard freestyle and 4:39.62 in the 500-free.

“I felt really fast in the 200, it was a lot better racing my teammates than it was in prelims when I didn’t have them there,” Eschbach said. “The 500 was great. I usually take it out way too fast, but I stuck with (Jordan Killosky) for a bit and once I saw it was the 13th lap, I start going faster and pick up my pace.

“I’m feeling great. I was one spot off from getting a call-down last year, so I’m really pumped.”

Eschbach teamed up with Carter Casbon, Connor Casbon and Danny Vear for a 1:26.18 in the 200-freestyle relay win and helped clock a 3:08.96 in the 400-free relay along with Lucas Piunti, Gabriel Kroeger and Alejandro Kincaid.

Pavlovich pointed out Eschbach went 21.2 in his 50-free split of the 200-free relay.

“To come out in that relay and anchor with a 21.2, unshaved, that was an impressive performance,” Pavlovich said. “He’s having a breakthrough season and has been there busting his butt every day. His 500 was his best time and the 200-free was right there, too.

“He’s one of the kids who hadn’t shaved, so who knows what he’s gonna do once he does that, that’ll be such a boost. We’re really excited to see what we can do.”

Senior Andrew Alders also won a pair of events, winning the 100-freestyle in 46.17 seconds and the 100-breast in a sectional-record time of 55.88 -- eclipsing former Chesterton standout Gary Kostbade’s 56.25 in 2015.

He was also on the 200 medley relay with Kincaid, Piunti and Connor Casbon, setting a new sectional record in 1:32.64. Pavlovich said Alders will be added to either the 200 or 400-free relay teams for the state meet.

“That was awesome, you come out here and set a sectional record and after that, everybody else is fired up and ready to go, it sets up the whole meet,” Alders said. “The relay is gonna be dangerous and I’m really excited to see what it can do. We’re setting some milestones right now and this was a good one, but it really comes down to next week.”

Alders record time in the breaststroke was also a lifetime best.

“It’s awesome to break a record, especially thinking about how fast the records already are,” Alders said. “For me right now, I’m feeling really confident about everything. That’s my best time in the breast and I feel like I’m right there in the free.

“As a team, we’re swimming really well and we got a lot of guys down. We’re ready and we’re excited.”

Kincaid, also a sophomore, won the 100-yard butterfly in 51.11 and backstroke in 49.49 -- breaking Michigan City’s Jack Smith’s time of 49.53 from last year’s sectional.

“That was kind of the most surprising swim of the meet,” Pavlovich said of Kincaid’s backstroke swim. “His underwaters are so strong. We’d thought he’d be fast, but not that fast. That exceeded our expectations and was an amazing swim for him.

“He might be able to go 48 (seconds) -- or close to it.”

Junior Lucas Piunti defended his title in the 200 individual medley to round out winners for the Trojans, also hitting a state cut in the backstroke. Also posting state-cut worthy times were Jordan Killosky (200 free) and Connor Casbon (100 fly).

“This isn’t the end-all here, so we have another week to fix things and get things ready,” Alders said. “Then it’s just getting to feeling good and bringing the heat at state.”

IHSAA Sectional


Team Results

Chesterton 530, 2. Valparaiso 402, 3. Wheeler 269, 4. Michigan City 243, 5. Knox 151, 6. Hobart 146, 7. LaPorte 132, 8. Merrillville 118, 9. Kankakee Valley 114, 10. North Judson 67, 11. Portage 37. 12. Calumet 22.

Individual Results

200 MEDLEY RELAY -- 1. Chesterton (Alejandro Kincaid, Andrew Alders, Connor Casbon, Lucas Piunti) 1:32.64 (Sectional record), 2. Michigan City 1:46.16, 3. Valparaiso 1:50.14, 4. Wheeler 1:50.23, 5. Merrillville 1:50.55.

200 FREE -- 1. Gabriel Eschbach (Ch) 1:43.53, 2. Jordan Killosky (Ch) 1:43.61 (state standard), 3. Gabriel Kroeger (C) 1:44.63, 4. Connor Baker (MC) 1:45.74, 5. William Miltenberger (V) 1:45.90.

200 IM -- 1. Piunti (Ch) 1:51.01, 2. Carter Casbon (Ch) 1:56.30, 3. Aidan Tharp (Ch) 1:59.15, 4. Kyle Seward (V) 2:02.59, 5. Noah Singleton (K) 2:06.50.

50 FREE -- 1. Zachary Juhl (V) 21.52, 2. Jordan Maynard (K) 21.90, 3. Danny Vear (Ch) 22.48, 4. Nathan Wright (H) 22.64, 5. Riley Henslee (W) 22.73.

DIVING -- 1. Jack Schwartz (V) 510.80, 2. Ethan Ferba (H) 382.85, 3. Josiah Miller (MC) 369.45, 4. Devan Himes (K) 362.95, 5. Peter Gondeck (MC) 354.14.

100 FLY -- 1. Kincaid (Ch) 51.11, 2. Co. Casbon (Ch) 51.23 (state standard), 3. Scott Pejic (Ch) 54.15, 4. Santino Vitello (W) 55.39, 5. Seward (V) 56.62.

100 FREE -- 1. Alders (Ch) 46.17, 2. Juhl (V) 46.93 (state standard), 3. Kroeger (Ch) 47.47, 4. Miltenberger (V) 48.11, 5. Ca. Casbon (Ch) 48.12, 6. Luke Heitmann (MC) 49.66.

500 FREE -- 1. Eschbach (Ch) 4:39.62, 2. Killosky (Ch) 4:44.39, 3. Carlson (Ch) 4:46.12, 4. Baker (MC) 4:48.94, 5. Isaac Anderson (V) 4:56.21.

200 FREE RELAY -- 1. Chesterton (Kroeger, Ca. Casbon, Vear, Eschbach) 1:26.18, 2. Valparaiso 1:27.89, 3. Wheeler 1:32.74, 4. Hobart 1:36.23, 5. Kankakee Valley 1:39.59.

100 BACK -- 1. Kincaid (Ch) 49.49 (Sectional record), 2. Piunti (Ch) 50.85 (state standard), 3. Co. Casbon (Ch) 53.20, 4. Singleton (K) 56.75, 5. Elliot Jasicki (MC) 59.58.

100 BREAST -- 1. Alders (Ch) 55.86 (Sectional record), 2. Beckham Mountford (Ch) 59.54, 3. Ryan Schlyer (Ch) 1:02.06, 4. Mason Martisauskas (M) 1:04.85, 5. Zachary Taglia (V) 1:07.13.

400 FREE RELAY -- 1. Chesterton (Piunti, Kroeger, Eschbach, Kincaid) 3:08.96, 2. Valparaiso 3:14.83, 3. Michigan City 3:25.56, 4. Wheeler 3:28.21, 5. Merrillville 3:45.40.



Posted 2/24/2020




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