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CHS Boys Swim finishes 4th at State Finals

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With the top spot already spoken for by Carmel, Chesterton coach Kevin Kinel felt that there would be about five or six teams vying for a runner-up spot.

As it turned out, just 18 points separated the runner-up from fifth place with the top five distancing themselves from the rest of the field at Saturday's state finals held at the IU Natatorium.

The Trojans wound up taking fourth for the second straight year, totaling 165.5 points, edging Munster by five and a half points. Chesterton was only 12.5 behind Franklin Community for runner-up.

Carmel won their fifth straight title with 353.5 points.

“You look up and see 12, 13 points separating the top four or so and then you think ‘maybe we could have done this Friday (at prelims)’, but you can do that all day,” Kinel said. “We were right there with (fifth-place) Munster the whole meet. It reminded me of back in the old days when we would slug it out with them all the time.”

Junior Andrew Alders was strong for the Trojans with a third in the 200 freestyle (1:39.11) and sixth in the 100 butterfly (49.08).

“I was really happy with that 200 free,” Alders said. “In the fly, I don’t really know what happened. I was off and could tell from the start. I was a little disappointed with that, but you’ve just got to move on to the next race and do as best as you can.

“Just the training I’ve been through and having been here at state before, that’s really helped.”

Battling what he called “sinus stuff” all week, sophomore Lucas Piunti fought his way through to a pair of individual medals. He was fourth in the 200 IM (1:49.69) and sixth in the 100 back (50.10).

“I didn’t feel the way I wanted to (Friday), it was rough in prelims but I swam a lot better today, which I was happy with,” Piunti said. “I’ve been taking so much medicine and it’d been harder to breathe, especially underwater and kicking. I’d be more out of breath when I came up, but I wanted to perform for the team.

“I’m happy about the medals and doing better than last year, for sure. I swam really badly in the finals last year, I was really tired from prelims. I made sure I got some sleep and got ready.”

Ethan Wing tied for seventh in the 100 free with a 46.36 to round out individual medalists for the Trojans.

Wing also had an 11th in consolation action in the 50 free. Gabe Kroeger (1:43.33, 200 free), Alejandro Kincaid (51.60, 100 back) rounded out consolation finishers.

“Guys like Andrew (Alders), every time he swims in these meets he’s been learning and he’s been a big staple,” Kinel said. “Lucas was good for us in two finals and two relays. Ethan Wing coming from 20th or so last year to third in the consolation and a top eight in the 100 was just awesome.

“(Alejandro) Kincaid is a freshman, Gabe Kroeger got a spot. The guys came to race (Saturday). The theme was to bump up our spots and for the most part, we did that or held our spot.”

After being seeded seventh in the opening event -- the 200 medley relay -- Chesterton was keyed to a good start behind the team of Piunti, Danny Schmiegel, Connor Casbon and Declan Tharp who recorded a 1:33.57 and a fifth place.

“Those guys were huge for us,” Kinel said. “That was the one event we were unsure about it was big for them to do what they did. They bumped up a couple places and set the tone for us to start the meet.”

Chesterton added two more medals in the relays with the 200 free team of Wing, Tharp, Alders and Kroeger clocking a 1:24.65 for third place. Wing, Alders and Kroeger teamed up with Piunti in the 400 free relay to take fifth in 3:06.81.

“All of our relays were really good,” Kinel said. “To get three relays in the final heat, you’ve done something. I’m proud of everybody, all of the guys.”

The Trojans graduate seniors Wing, Tharp, and Schmiegel among its state competitors. While a runner-up was the desired finish, a strong nucleus returns to make another run at that next season.

“Some of us didn’t swim the way we wanted to (Friday), but we came out really strong today,” Piunti said. “There’s something special about all these guys. There’s such a bond and we’re never fighting. We really gelled together as a team all season.”

IHSAA State Finals


Team Results

1. Carmel 353.50, 2. Franklin Community 178, 3. Carroll (Fort Wayne) 173, 4. CHESTERTON 165.50, 5. Munster 160, 6. Fishers 113, 7. Hamilton Southeastern 110, 8. Penn 95, 9. Homestead 80, 10. Lake Central 74, 11. Concord 59, 12. Valparaiso 58, 13. Zionsville 56, 14. Castle 48.50, 15. Avon 46, 16. Northridge 45, 17. Columbus North 41, 18. Plainfield 40, 19. Highland 34, 20. Michigan City 28, T22. North Central (Indianapolis), Delta 24, 24. South Bend Riley 22, T25. Oak Hill, Floyd Central, Hamilton Heights 20, 28. Noblesville 19, T29. Lawrence North, Seymour, S.B. St. Joseph 17, 32. Cascade 14, T33. Bloomington South, Warsaw Community 13, 35. Center Grove 12, 36. Franklin Central 10, T37. Bedford North Lawrence, South Putnam 9, 39. Evansville Reitz 8, 40. Edgewood 7, 41. Crown Point 6.50, 42. New Palestine 6, 43. Mt. Vernon (Fortville) 5, T44. Terre Haute North, Milan, West Lafayette 4, T47. Kokomo, Whiteland, Fountain Central 3, T50. Yorktown, Lafayette Jefferson 2, T52. Fort Wayne Snider, Westfield 1.

Individual Results

200 MEDLEY RELAY -- 1. Carmel 1:29.21, 2. Munster 1:30.68, 3. Carroll 1:31.10, 4. Penn 1:33.22, 5. Chesterton (Lucas Piunti, Danny Schmiegel, Connor Casbon, Declan Tharp) 1:33.57.

200 FREE -- 1. Jacob Mitchell (Carm) 1:34.24, 2. Augustus Rothrock (Carm) 1:39.07, 3. Andrew Alders (Chesterton) 1:39.11, 4. Julian Norman (Home) 1:39.53, 5. Keegan Streett (HSE) 1:41.60, 15. Gabe Kroeger (Chesterton) 1:43.33.

200 IM -- 1. Wyatt Davis (Carm) 1:45.63, 2. Tristan DeWitt (CFW) 1:47.27, 3. Holden Raffin (Mun) 1:48.65, 4. Piunti (Chesterton) 1:49.69, 5. Jack McCurdy (FWC) 1:50.08, 24. Declan Tharp (Chesterton) 1:55.13.

50 FREE -- 1. Jacob Destrampe (FCO) 20.54, 2. Ethan Churilla (High) 20.56, 3. Alec DeLong (Carm) 20.71, 4. Braden Rollins (Cast) 20.90, 5. Riley Ingram (LC) 20.92, 11. Ethan Wing (Chesterton) 21.26.

DIVING -- 1. Caiden Lake (OH) 525.85, 2. Devin Ramsey (Sey) 522.85, 3. Nathan Barr (HSE) 488.40, 4. Samuel Bennett (Del) 487.05, 5. Brendan Trent (Casc) 462.25.

100 BUTTERFLY -- 1. DeWitt (CFW) 47.53, 2. Grant Afman (Mun) 48.40, 3. Noah Yarian (FWC) 48.67, 4. Elliot Cooper (Avon) 48.89, 5. Jack Smith (MC) 49.03, 6. Alders (Chesterton) 49.58, 24. Connor Casbon (Chesterton) 52.06.

100 FREE -- 1. Destrampe (FCO) 44.78, 2. Churilla (High) 44.97, 3. DeLong (Carm) 45.22, 4. Griffin Hadley (Carm) 45.34, 5. Ingram (LC) 45.77, T7. Wing (Chesterton) 46.36, 24. Tharp (Chesterton) 47.58.

500 FREE -- 1. Mitchell (Carm) 4:16.72 (STATE RECORD), 2. Rothrock (Carm) 4:31.02, 3. Aaron Frollo (Fish) 4:32.33, 4. Norman (Home) 4:33.58, 5. Kyle Ponsler (Fish) 4:33.65, 18. Jordan Killosky (Chesterton) 4:40.07

200 FREE RELAY -- 1. Carmel 1:22.71, 2. Franklin Community 1:24.41, 3. Chesterton (Wing, Tharp, Kroeger, Alders) 1:24.65, 4. Hamilton Southeastern 1:25.10, 5. Penn 1:25.54.

100 BACK -- 1. Davis (Carm) 46.66 (STATE RECORD), 2. Yarian (CFW) 48.28, 3. Raffin (Mun) 48.59, 4. Hadley (Carm) 49.14, 5. Smith (MC) 50.07, 6. Piunti (Chesterton) 50.10, 16. Alejandro Kincaid (Chesterton) 51.60.

100 BREAST -- 1. Adams (Mun) 54.08, 2. McCurdy (CFW) 55.19, 3. Coleman Modglin (Z) 55.53, 4. Matthew Bond (Con) 56.42, 5. Andrew Rafalko (Carm) 56.87, 19. Schmiegel (Chesterton) 58.65, 26. Evan Dildine (Chesterton) 59.61.

400 FREE RELAY -- 1. Carmel 2:58.75 (STATE RECORD), 2. Franklin Community 3:03.76, 3. Carroll (Fort Wayne) 3:05.64, 4. Munster 3:06.00, 5. Chesterton (Wing, Kroeger, Piunti, Alders) 3:06.81.



Posted 2/25/2019




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