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CHS Boys Soccer opens Monday

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Chesterton boys soccer coach Jamie Sensibaugh sees the big picture. He always has.

When Sensibaugh’s Trojans take the field Monday to open the 2013 campaign against Boone Grove, he’ll see how well his new system works.

“We’ll be more of a system team this year than in the past,” Sensibaugh said. “Everyone will just have to perform within the system and it’ll be interesting to see how that works. We’ve always let the tactics of the game dictate what we do and this year, if I don’t chicken out, this fits our personnel the best.

“Looking forward with some of the fields and weather we play in for the postseason, I think this is our best option.”

But that doesn’t mean Sensibaugh isn’t going to pay attention to the regular season.

“My expectations never change from year to year,” Sensibaugh said. “We’re realistic though and know that we have a good team coming back. We do have some inexperience and youth that we have to watch develop over the year.

“That’s why we play the regular season and hope we are playing our best soccer at the end of the year.”

The Trojans inexperience will be aided by senior goalkeeper Caleb Gmyrek.

“Caleb is a safety blanket in so many ways for us,” Sensibaugh said. “He doesn’t get the respect throughout the area that he deserves. I think he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the area and one of the best that we’ve had here.”

In front of Gmyrek, Mitch Winey is the lone returner on defense.

“Mitch is our returning defender and we’ll piece in some young kids around him,” Sensibaugh said. “Most of our inexperience is on the defensive third of the field.”

The midfield will be a key to Chesterton’s success with the return of Billy Biehl and Jared O’Dell.

“Billy Biehl and Jared O’Dell in the midfield will be a real key,” Sensibaugh said. “They’re one year older and physically more mature. They have to connect our defense to the offense.”

Up front, sophomore Trent Weller could be a force.

“A lot of people will be surprised by some of our young kids,” Sensibaugh said. “One of those is Trent Weller up front. He’s a target player and we’ll use him that way.”

Posted 8/16/2013