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Chesterton High School gymnastic team takes 5th at State

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The Chesterton gymnastics team finished its 2015-2016 season with a fifth place finish at the IHSAA State Finals Saturday at Ball State University.

“It was good day,” Chesterton coach Dawn Matthys said. “I think they did great.”

Columbus North prevented a three-peat by Valparaiso by amassing a state season-best 114.85 team score. The Vikings finished runner-up (113.25).

Ft. Wayne Bishop Dwenger was third overall (111.80) with Crown Point (110.95) and the Trojans (110.475) rounding out the top five.

“I see this season as progress,” Matthys said. “This team is so young and talented. It was a learning year. This state appearance was another learning experience and I think it will drive them as they mature through the rest of their high school careers.”

The Trojans started the day on the bars with a solid routine from senior Taylor Rodriguez (9.00).

“I was really proud of the beginning of our day with Taylor’s beautiful bars routine and a stuck landing,” Matthys said.

Freshman Jordan Bush led the Trojans on the bars with a sixth place finish overall with a 9.575. Brittney Troup scored a 9.05.

“I was nervous for Jordan going into bars,” Matthys said. “But, it was beautiful.”

In the second rotation, the Trojans went to the beam led by sophomore Madeline Juestel’s 13th place finish (9.30). Freshman Lexi Avey added a 9.075 to the team score.

“Madeline on beam was just beautiful,” Matthys said.

Bush led the Trojans in their third rotation on the floor with a sixth place finish and 9.475 score. Avey added a 9.35.

“Jordan’s floor routine was probably the best she’s done all year,” Matthys said. “Once she stuck her landing on the first pass, she had a huge smile on her face. It was a great moment.”

Chesterton’s day finished on one of their strengths, the vault.

“Our vault rotation was great,” Matthys said. “We thought heading into vault we might be able to squeak in for a medal.”

Avey (9.425), Bush (9.40) and Juestel (9.375) led the Trojans on the vault, while Hailee Ellenwood added a 9.10.

“Hailee and the entire group on vault had some of their best vaults of the year,” Matthys said. “After Jordan landed hers, she came back down the runway with tears in her eyes. I asked if she was hurt and she said ‘I’ve just always wanted to be here’.”

Bush also finished 12th in the all-around with a 37.025 score.

IHSAA State Finals


Team Results

1. Columbus North, 114.85; 2. Valparaiso, 113.25; 3. FW Bishop Dwenger, 111.80; 4. Crown Point, 110.95; 5. Chesterton, 110.475; 6. Columbus East, 108.95; 7. Owen Valley, 107.425; 8. Elkhart Central, 107.30; 9. Homestead, 107.00.

Individual Results

Vault -- 1. Kylee Maxwell (Morgan Twp.), 9.85; 2. (tie) Ashley Holliday (Columbus North) and Anna Watkin (Owen Valley), 9.775; 4. Lainey Kowalczyk (Crown Point), 9.75; 5. Addison Minor (Columbus East), 9.725; 6. Amy Weilbaker (FW Bishop Dwenger), 9.675; 19. Lexi Avey (Chesterton), 9.425; 20. Jordan Bush (Chesterton), 9.40; 21. Madeline Juestel (Chesterton), 9.375; 28. Hailee Ellenwood (Chesterton), 9.10.

Bars -- 1. Claire Thompson (Columbus North), 9.70; 2. (tie) Whitney McKeon (Valparaiso) and Kelley Platt (Logansport), 9.625; 4. Sydney Intagliata (Valparaiso), 9.60; 5. Kylee Maxwell (Morgan Twp.), 9.575; 6. Jordan Bush (Chesterton), 9.575; 25. Brittney Troup (Chesterton), 9.05; 28. Taylor Rodriguez (Chesterton), 9.00; 34. Zoi Heideman (Chesterton), 8.60.

Beam -- 1. Claire Thompson (Columbus North), 9.675; 2. Anna Watkin (Owen Valley), 9.60; 3. Katrina May (Columbus North), 9.575; 4. Kelley Platt (Logansport), 9.475; 5. Whitney McKeon (Valparaiso), 9.45; 6. Jenna Algozine (Valparaiso), 9.425; 13. Madeline Juestel (Chesterton), 9.30; 21. Lexi Avey (Chesterton), 9.075; 31. Zoi Heideman (Chesterton), 8.625; 34. Jordan Bush (Chesterton), 8.575.

Floor -- 1. Anna Watkin (Owen Valley), 9.775; 2. Katrina May (Columbus North), 9.625; 3. (tie) Kylee Maxwell (Morgan Twp.) and Ashley Holliday (Columbus North), 9.525; 5. Claire Thompson (Columbus North), 9.50; 6. (tie) Jordan Bush (Chesterton) and Sydney Intagliata (Valparaiso), 9.475; 16. Lexi Avey (Chesterton), 9.35; 34. Madeline Juestel (Chesterton), 8.825; 39. Brittney Troup (Chesterton), 8.475.

All-Around -- 1. Claire Thompson (Columbus North), 38.40; 2. Katrina May (Columbus North), 38.325; 3. Kylee Maxwell (Morgan Twp.), 38.325; 4. Kelley Platt (Logansport), 38.15; 5. Ashley Holliday (Columbus North), 38.125; 6. Whitney McKeon (Valparaiso), 37.725; 12. Jordan Bush (Chesterton), 37.025.


Posted 3/14/2016




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