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Chesterton gymnasts finish 2nd at regional to earn State Finals berth

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For the first time this season, Chesterton did not stake a claim to a meet victory.

Top-ranked Chesterton took second at the Valparaiso Regional on Saturday, scoring a 112.4 to advance as a team to Saturday’s state meet for the second straight year. Valparaiso won their tenth straight regional crown with a 113.15.

It was a normal day at the office for Chesterton, other than on bars as it scored a 27.2 in the event, compared to its usual low-to-mid 28s. The Trojans managed to recover with a 28.75 on beam, its highest scoring event.

“It was just a rough bar day for us, everything else was good,” Chesterton coach Dawn Matthys said. “I was proud of them and how they came back after a rough bar rotation. They were beautiful on beam.”

Freshman Sophie Hunzelman took runner-up honors in the all-around with a 37.85. She was first on beam (9.75) and bars (9.55).

“She was great in every event,” Matthys said. “Her beam routine was flawless. It was her highest beam score of the year.”

With a 9.5 on both floor and vault, Jordan Bush garnered second place honors in the events, recovering strong after an off day in her bar routine.

“Jordan managed a beautiful beam routine after bars. She overcame that very well,” Matthys said. “She wanted to come out on floor a little stronger than she did but her performance was wonderful. I wasn’t disappointed at all.”

Brittney Troup placed fourth on floor with a 9.4. Whitney Siewin tied for fifth on vault, also scoring a 9.4. Lexi Avey tied for sixth on beam with a 9.425.

"Brittney was a last minute add to floor for us and came out and did beautifully. She led us off with a really good bar routine too," Matthys said. "I was proud of her taking on a leadership role (Saturday) as a junior with a very young team.”

The Trojans head to the state meet at Ball State's Worthen Arena looking for its first team title since 2002. They finished fifth last year.

“We still feel good heading into state,” Matthys said. “We have some work to do on bars, so it's just some minor cleaning up in that event to come out stronger. Everything else was solid.”

IHSAA Gymnastics Regional


Team Results

1. Valparaiso, 113.15; 2. Chesterton, 112.4; 3. Merrillville, 109.225; 4. McCutcheon, 105.9; 5. Northwestern, 104.15; 6. Logansport, 98.85.

Individual Results

Vault -- 1. Rachel Moneta (V), 9.6; 2. Jordan Bush ©, 9.5; 3. Whitney McKeon (V), 9.45; 4. Emma Taylor (Mc), 9.425; 5. (tie) Lizzy Wilson (V) and Whitney Siewin ©, 9.4.

Bars -- 1. Sophie Hunzelman ©, 9.55; 2. Jenna Algozine (V), 9.475; 3. Whitney McKeon (V), 9.425; 4. Abby Smith (Me), 9.2; 5. Lizzy Wilson (V), 9.125; 6. Heather Osorio (Me), 9.05.

Beam -- 1. Sophie Hunzelman ©, 9.75; 2. Jenna Algozine (V), 9.675; 3. Whitney McKeon (V), 9.6; 4. Jordan Bush ©, 9.575; 5. Emma Taylor (Mc), 9.425; 6. (tie) Heather Osorio (Me) and Lexi Avey ©, 9.425. Floor -- 1. Rachel Moneta (V), 9.55; 2. Jordan Bush ©, 9.5; 3. Jenna Algozine (V), 9.425; 4. Brittney Troup ©, 9.4; 5. Emma Taylor (Mc), 9.35; 6. Sophie Hunzelman ©, 9.3.

All-Around -- 1. Jenna Algozine (V), 37.875; 2. Sophie Hunzelman ©, 37.85; 3. Whitney McKeon (V), 37.5; 4. Rachel Moneta (V), 37.3; 5. Abby Smith (Me), 36.775; 6. Heather Osorio (Me), 36.675.



Posted 3/6/2017




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