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Chesterton Gymnastics wins Duneland Conference title

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After a drought, the Chesterton gymnasts are starting a string.

The Trojans won their second consecutive Duneland Athletic Conference championship by edging Valparaiso 113.35-113.075 on Saturday at Crown Point.

“It was a great day,” Chesterton coach Dawn Matthys said. “It was good for us to face some adversity starting the post-season. We were down a little after three events and came through.”

The Trojans started the day with a 1-2 finish in the vault as Mia Pak won (9.725) and Jordan Bush (9.7) was the runner-up.

“It was a really good first rotation,” Matthys said. “Mia was great.”

Moving to bars, Pak (9.55) and Bush (9.475) went 1-2 again.

The Vikings would take an overall edge with their performance on the floor in the third rotation as the Trojans struggled a bit on the beam.

“We were a little shaky,” Matthys said. “But, Jordan finished it. She just nailed it. It was amazing. It made such a huge difference for us.”

A captain for the Trojans, the junior posted a 9.475 to finish second in the event.

“We were a little nervous going to the floor,” Matthys said. “It’s our best event though. We just had to stay on our feet and be clean. We did that.”

Bush won the event with a 9.7, while Sophie Hunzelman tied for second (9.6).

“It’s only going to make us work harder,” Matthys said. “To have a nail-biter is a nice learning experience.”

Bush used the event win, along with three runner-ups, to take the All-Around (38.35).

“We relied heavily on Jordan and experience. She had such a great day,” Matthys said. “Jordan cleaned up all of our mistakes. She bats clean-up and just fixed everything. It was Jordan’s day.”

Duneland Athletic Conference Meet


Team Results

1. Chesterton, 113.350; 2. Valparaiso, 113.075; 3. Crown Point, 109.025; 4. Portage, 108.450; 5. Merrillville, 106.775; 6. Michigan City, 100.325; 7. Lake Central, 99.675; 8. LaPorte, 86.675.

Individual Results

Vault -- 1. Mia Pak ©, 9.725; 2. Jordan Bush ©, 9.7; 3. Lizzy Wilson (V), 9.55; 4. Sophie Hunzelman ©, 9.475; 5. Rachel Moneta (V), 9.45; 6. Whitney McKeon (V), 9.425.

Bars -- 1. Mia Pak ©, 9.55; 2. Jordan Bush ©, 9.475; 3. (tie) Jenna Algozine (V) and Lizzy Wilson (V), 9.375; 5. Abigail Smith (M), 9.35; 6. Sophie Hunzelman ©, 9.325.

Beam -- 1. Whitney McKeon (V), 9.55; 2. Jordan Bush ©, 9.475; 3. Paige Hein (CP), 9.425; 4. Jenna Algozine (V), 9.30; 5. Michaella Drake (P), 9.175; 6. Sydney Ruiz (P), 9.1.

Floor -- 1. Jordan Bush ©, 9.7; 2. (tie) Sophie Hunzelman ©, Lizzy Wilson (V) and Whitney McKeon (V), 9.6; 5. (tie) Rachel Moneta (V) and Jenna Algozine (V), 9.55.

All-Around -- 1. Jordan Bush ©, 38.350; 2. Whitney McKeon (V), 37.875; 3. Mia Pak ©, 37.725; 4. Sophie Hunzelman ©, 37.275; 5. Rachel Moneta (V), 37.025; 6. Michaella Drake (P), 36.80.


Posted 2/19/2018




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