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Chesterton boys swim team named best in the nation

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Old time college football fans remember before the BCS when national championships weren’t determined on the field.

Swimming World Magazine holds that honor for high school swimming and named the Chesterton Boys Swim team national champions in its September issue.

“I think it’s the pinnacle of what you can do in high school,” Chesterton head coach Kevin Kinel said. “It’s something we thought about for a while. It was really fun to see it happen. The kids worked hard and fought for it for a long time.”

The Trojans amassed 124 team points to edge Granada High School of Livermore, CA, by one point. Two-time defending national champion, The Bolles School in Jacksonville, FL, finished third (114 points).

“It’s funny because those seniors were throwing around breaking public school records and a national title,” Kinel said. “I was just thinking about winning a state title and breaking state records. The national title wasn’t really on my mind until the meet was over. We swam great that day.”

Swimming World matches up the results of the state finals from all 50 US states and run a mythical meet based on times. It’s the first national championship for the Trojans after finishing runner-up in 2008.

“I think it was a real motivator,” Kinel said. “The kids that were on this team weren’t in high school yet, but people realized it can be done. We opened that door a little bit and it allowed us to push through it.

“You have to go after your dreams.”

Chesterton started its scoring in the 200 Medley Relay where Aaron Whitaker, Jack Wallar, Blake Pieroni and Gary Kostbade finished runner-up in 1:29.64, setting a national public school record.

Whitaker, now a freshman at the University of Michigan, would go on to finish second in the 100 Butterfly (46.31) and was fourth in the 100 Back (47.06).

Pieroni, now a freshman at Indiana University, was second in the 100 Free (43.37) and was ninth in the 200 IM (1:46.78).

“It’s hard to find kids with that talent,” Kinel said. “A lot of times those type of kids won’t continue to get better. They were willing to try different things to keep getting better. They love competition and don’t like to lose. They were two of the best in the country.”

The Trojans’ final points came in the 400 Free Relay with a runner-up finish for Pieroni, Patrick Curley, Ethan Whitaker and Aaron Whitaker (2:59.36).

“When you get to this level, you have to have more than one or two kids swimming great,” Kinel said. “Ethan, Patrick, Jack and Gary did that for us. I think it’s another pinnacle we’ve reached as a program. It’ll be fun watching next year’s team come together after losing a lot of those guys.”

National Championships


Team Results

1. Chesterton (IN), 124; 2. Granada (Livermore, CA), 123; 3. Bolles (Jacksonville, FL), 114.

Individual Results

200 Medley Relay - 1. Baylor (Chattanooga, TN), 1:27.74; 2. Bolles (Jacksonville, FL), 1:29.83; 3. Chesterton (Aaron Whitaker, Jack Wallar, Blake Pieroni, Gary Kostbade), 1:29.64 (NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL RECORD); 4. University (Irvine, CA), 1:30.10; 5. LaSalle College Prep (Wyndmoor, PA), 1:30.26; 6. Granada (Livermore, CA), 1:30.67; 7. North Allegheny (Wexford, PA), 1:30.86; 8. Upper St. Clair (Pittsburgh, PA), 1:31.02.

200 Free - 1. Caeleb Dressel (Clay, FL), 1:34.69; 2. Maxime Rooney (Granada, CA), 1:35.69; 3. Andrew Seliskar (Jefferson, VA), 1:35.76; 4. Grant House (St. Xavier, OH), 1:35.84; 5. Grant Shoults (Santa Margarita, CA), 1:35.99; 6. Kyle Coan (Los Osos, CA), 1:36.16; 7. Nick Silverthorn (Granada, CA), 1:36.80; 8. Cole Sogswell (Wm. S. Hart, CA), 1:36.81.

200 IM - 1. Curtis Ogren (St. Francis, CA), 1:44.90 (NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL RECORD); 2. Corey Ukubo (Irvine, CA), 1:45.42; 3. Jacob Molacek (Creighton, NE), 1:45.50; 4. Gunnar Bentz (St. Pius X, GA), 1:45.55; 5. Zachary Buerger (N. Allegheny, PA), 1:45.64; 6. M. Thomas (Hatboro-Horsham, PA), 1:46.18; 7. Sam McHugh (Baylor, TN), 1:46.29; 8. Liam Karas (Corona del Mar, CA), 1:46.54; 9. Blake Pieroni (Chesterton, IN), 1:46.78.

50 Free - 1. Caeleb Dressel (Clay, FL), 19.29 (NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL RECORD); 2. Ryan Hoffer (Chaparral, AZ), 19.55; 3. Paul Powers (North Hall, GA), 19.63; 4. Ryan Held (SH Griffin, IL), 19.76; 5. Justin Plaschka (Hauppauge, NY), 20.08; 6. (tie) Kevin Wylder (Granite Bay, CA) and Andrew Liang (Palo Alto, CA), 20.14; 8. Kyle Coan (Los Osos, CA), 20.17.

100 Fly - 1. Joseph Schooling (Bolles, FL), 45.52 (NATIONAL INDEPENDENT SCHOOL RECORD); 2. Aaron Whitaker (Chesterton, IN), 46.31; 3. Alex Valente (Dos Peublos, CA), 46.68; 4. Andrew Liang (Palo Alto, CA), 47.09; 5. Gunnar Bentz (St. Pius X, GA), 47.26; 6. Ryan Dudzunski (Upper St. Clair, PA), 47.44; 7. Corey Okubo (University, CA), 47.53; 8. Ryan Nicholson (Ithaca, NY), 47.76.

100 Free - 1. Paul Powers (North Hall, GA), 43.19; 2. Blake Pieroni (Chesterton, IN), 43.37; 3. Justin Plaschka (Hauppauge, NY), 43.70; 4. Ryan Held (SH Griffin, IL), 43.73; 5. Ryan Hoffer (Chaparral, AZ), 43.87; 6. Tabahn Afrik (West Ottawa, MI), 43.90; 7. Edward Kim (Eastlake, WA), 43.90; 8. Cole Cogswell (Wm. S. Hart, CA), 43.97.

500 Free - 1. Sam McHugh (Baylor, TN), 4:16.76; 2. Jonathan Roberts (Carroll, TX), 4:16.90; 3. Maxime Rooney (Granada, CA), 4:20.16; 4. Patrick Ransford (Pittford Central, NY), 4:21.06; 5. Grant Schenk (Mt. Carmel, CA), 4:22.09; 6. Jason O’Brien (Point Loma, CA), 4:22.70; 7. Jack Boyd (Canisius, NY), 4:22.72; 8. Zachary Muerger (N. Allegheny, PA), 4:22.75.

200 Free Relay - 1. Creighton Prep (Omaha, NE), 1:22.09; 2. Bolles (Jacksonville, FL), 1:22.32; 3. Loyola (Los Angeles, CA), 1:22.57; 4. St. Francis (Toledo, OH), 1:22.85; 5. LaSalle College Prep (Wyndmoor, PA), 1:23.12; 6. William S. Hart (Newhall, CA), 1:23.15; 7. Fairfield College Prep (Fairfield, CT), 1:23.18; 8. Baylor (Chattanooga, TN), 1:23.23.

100 Back - 1. Michael Thomas (Hatsboro-Horsham, PA), 46.65; 2. Ryan Dudzinski (Upper St. Clair, PA), 46.88; 3. Hennessey Stuart (Regis Jesuit, CO), 46.91; 4. Aaron Whitaker (Chesterton, IN), 47.06; 5. Kyle Gornay (Redlands, CA), 47.15; 6. Luke Kaliszak (Baylor, TN), 47.36; 7. Ethan Young (Dalton, GA), 47.54; 8. Tristan Sanders (Palm Harbor, FL), 47.79.

100 Breast - 1. Jacob Molacek (Creighton, NE), 52.92 (NATIONAL INDEPENDENT SCHOOL RECORD); 2. Connor Hoppe (Golden Valley, CA), 53.06 (NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL RECORD); 3. Andrew Seliskar (Jefferson, VA), 53.24; 4. Carsten Vissering (Georgetown, MD), 53.49; 5. Curtis Ogren (St. Francis, CA), 53.81; 6. Cody Taylor (Columbus North, IN), 54.24; 7. Nick Silverthorn (Granada, CA), 54.31; 8. Carson Sand (Castro Valley, CA), 54.54.

400 Free Relay - 1. Granada (Livermore, CA), 2:59.00 (NATIONAL INDEPENDENT SCHOOL RECORD); 2. Chesterton (Blake Pieroni, Patrick Curley, Ethan Whitaker, Aaron Whitaker), 2:59.36; 3. Greenwich (Greenwich, CT), 3:00.59; 4. Regis Jesuit (Auroro, CO), 3:00.87; 5. Fairfield College Prep (Fairfield, CT), 3:01.08; 6. Bolles (Jacksonville, FL), 3:01.86; 7. Brother Rice (Bloomfield Hills, MI), 3:02.06; 8. Creighton Prep (Omaha, NE), 3:02.23.



Posted 9/2/2014




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