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Bullock wins Duneland Conference title; CHS Girls 2nd

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It was quite a week for Shelby Bullock.

The Chesterton distance running star started it off by verbally committing to attend Purdue, then punctuated it by winning Saturday’s Duneland Athletic Conference cross country meet at Lemon Lake Park.

“I’m excited about it,” Bullock said. “I knew I just wanted to go to Purdue and committing early, I was so confident in my decision, it was like a weight off my shoulders.”

The future Boilermaker ran that way, covering the course in 18 minutes, 54.28, just under 10 seconds ahead of Valparaiso’s Ava Gilliana.

“I felt really good,” Bullock said. “I think every race I just go off feel and see what I have left. I start kicking it when I know I can kick it. A lot of girls have really good kicks, especially like Ava, and I don’t really have much of that kick so it’s important for me to start a little bit earlier and go from there. You never know how it’s going to go. I go into every race with the attitude that any girl can beat me on any given day. I don’t go in thinking what place I’m going to get.”

While Trojans coach Lindsay Moskalick may wish Bullock was heading to her alma mater (Indiana), she’s loving how her new pupil is progressing.

“I think with her breakout season last year, finishing all-state in cross country, finishing all-state in the two-mile, running a 10:52, when you set yourself up as an all-state athlete, it’s OK, you’ve got to start training like an all-state athlete, and she’s got the mentality,” Moskalick said. “She’s got her goals and she keeps chugging along each week.”

It wasn’t an ideal development for Bullock, having former coach Maggie Wolgamot leave in mid-season, but she couldn’t ask for more with how it’s turned out with Moskalick.

"I really like her,” Bullock said. “I really like her energy. She has such a positive energy. She’s 100 percent in. She gives 100 percent. She focuses on every girl, not just the varsity. I’ll be honest, it was hard losing our coach. It was like, OK, we’re getting the Crown Point coach. We knew we were going to have her for track season, but we didn’t know her. It’s worked well with her because she’s quality over quantity. She’s not focusing on pounding the pavement. I’m really low mileage, so it really helps me.”

Chesterton finished second as a team with 61 points, runner-up to Valparaiso (33), and 10 ahead of host C.P.

“I thought going into it we knew either first or second would be a good day for us and the girls really showed up,” Moskalick said. “Having three in the top 10 is good. Shelby walking away with the conference championship is that much sweeter.”

Bullock was backed by Bailey Ranta (7th, 19:37.49) and Kara Krol (9th, 20:00.08). Nalani Malackowski (19th, 20:45.47) and Bree Gentry (25th, 21:05.41) also scored for the Trojans.

“It was everybody’s first time here, so we were going to go out more conservatively,” Bullock said. “The first mile-and-a-half, we took it out at a really good pace for what we were supposed to do and just went from there. The team’s doing really well. I’m really proud of them.”

Also for Chesterton, Ashley Craycraft was 34th (21:32.12), just in front of Rebecca White (21:32.48).

“We ran good, but I don’t think we ran great as a team and the girls know that,” Moskalick said. “They know the next couple weeks we’ve got some things we’ve got to fix. Our four, five, six, seven know they’ve got to move up a little bit and overall, we’ve got to close the gap between one and seven. That number spread has got to be better than what it’s been.”

Chesterton opens the postseason Saturday with the New Prairie Sectional.

DAC Meet


Team Results

1. Valparaiso, 33; 2. Chesterton, 61; 3. Crown Point, 71; 4. Lake Central, 106; 5. Portage, 126; 6. LaPorte, 136; 7. Merrillville, 189; 8. Michigan City, 253.

Individual Results

1. Shelby Bullock (C), 18:54.28; 2. Ava Gilliana (V), 19:04.1; 3. Jaelyn Burgos (CP), 19:08.06; 4. Emily

Worthington (V), 19:11.63; 5. Maddie Russin (CP), 19:17.51; 6. Sarah Worthington (V), 19:33.23; 7. Bailey Ranta (C), 19:37.49; 8. Morgan McCulloch (P), 19:54.86; 9. Kara Krol (C), 20:00.08; 10. Xanthi Tsigris (V), 20:06.4.

Other Chesterton finishers: 19. Nalani Malackowski, 20:45.47; 25. Bree Gentry, 21:05.41; 34. Ashley Craycraft, 21:32.12; 35. Rebecca White, 21:32.48.

Junior Varsity

DAC Meet


Team Results

1. Valparaiso, 27; 2. Chesterton, 56; 3. Lake Central, 73; 4. Crown Point, 101; 5. LaPorte, 116.

Individual Results

1. Adrianna McFadden (V), 20:50.80; 2. Abigail Artherhults (V), 20:57.97; 3. Krista Kulacz (LC), 21:10.16; 4. Layla Nowaczyk (CP), 21:16.62; 5. Kristy Gilliana (V), 21:18.30.

Chesterton finishers: 6. Taylor Edwards, 21:18.88; 10. Frances Clancy, 21:34.44; 11. Peyton Westphal, 21:44.52; 13. Allison Leady, 21:46.36; 16. Libby Boster, 21:56.73; 21. Kaitlyn VanKley, 22:08.31; 25. Kayla Kirchner, 22:24.04; 26. Jocelyn Mercier, 22:25.42; 33. Madeline Moss, 22:48.52; 34. Morgan Hull, 22:51.53; 37. Mattie Hoham, 23:00.28; 38. Makayla Barbour, 23:07.18; 40. Coryn Rodriguez, 23:12.86; 43. Catherine White, 23:24.47; 45. Mckenna Handley, 23:29.48; 46. Abrianna Rodriguez, 23:29.71; 47. Liz Hibsman, 23:29.95; 48. Justyne Phillips, 23:34.36; 51. Alissa Capehart, 23:58.61; 52. Sophia Raffin, 23:58.99; 53. Nicole Bernth, 24:00.25; 54. Kaitlyn Leady, 24:04.66; 55. Mallory Morrison, 24:05.12; 58. Emma Brown, 24:09.94; 65. Anais Juliano, 24:31.07; 66. Madeline Rearick, 24:32.35; 75. Miranda Miller, 25:11.35; 85. Stephanie Archibald, 25:53.09; 92. Payton Shideler, 26:36.38; 99. Sophie Arthur, 27:02.82; 102. Riley Hall, 27:17.58; 103. Danielle Plinovich, 27:21.17; 104. Marie Raffin, 27:28.51; 105. Michelle Mahoney, 27:30.82; 106. Abigail Parkerson, 27:33.27; 107. Haleigh Smith, 27:47.22; 109. Anna Drescher, 28:53.41.


Posted 10/1/2018




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