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Brock Redman named All-American Scholar

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Chesterton Pop Warner's Brock Redman, a 5th grader at Liberty Intermediate, was named the Top 5th grade Boys Scholar at the annual Pop Warner Mid-America Little Scholars Banquet on Saturday, March 4 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center.

Each year, the most academically accomplished kids compete for Academic All-American status. The process begins at the association level and up through each of the eight Pop Warner regions to the national level.

For the 2015-201 year, Pop Warner had almost 8,000 participants named as All-American scholars. Additionally, Pop Warner gave $89,000 in scholarship awards to scholar-athletes. Pop Warner has awarded over $1.46 million in scholarships since 1983.

The Pop Warner All-America Program requires a minimum 96% grade point average to apply for All-American status. After the application process, Pop Warner determins National First Team All-American (35 football, 35 cheer per grade), National Second Team All-Americans and National Honorable Mention Scholars.

Other Duneland honorees included Sebastian James Boswell (NIPWLS 5 FB 2nd Team), Cody Brooks (NIPWLS 7 FB 1st Team), Emma Comfort (NIPWLS 5 Cheer 1st Team), Bryce Doud (NIPWLS 5 FB 1st Team), Ethan Fair (NIPWLS 7 FB 2nd Team), Alexander Fish (NIPWLS 6 FB Honorable Mention), Andrew Himan III (NIPWLS 5 FB 1st Team), Luke Stento (NIPWLS 7 FB 1st Team), Ethan Troy (NIPWLS 6 FB Honorable Mention), James Barbarossa (NIPWLS 5 FB 1st Team), Jackson Westmoreland (NIPWLS 7 FB 2nd Team), Michael Zielinski (NIPWLS 5 FB 1st Team), Elijah Bolinger (NIPWLS 5 FB 1st Team) and Kara Zych (NIPWLS 12 Cheer 1st Team).




Posted 3/13/2017




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