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Kyle Whitaker named National Swimmer of the Year

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I don’t know if his family has any room left on their mantel, but 2010 CHS grad Kyle Whitaker is bringing home more hardware.

Whitaker was recently named the National High School Boys Swimmer of the Year by the National High School Coaches Association.

“I didn’t really know about it until about halfway through the competition,” Whitaker said. “My dad told me about a poll online for the National Swimmer of the Year between me and a couple other people.

“I found out about that and started voting like crazy and told my friends to vote like crazy.”

It’s probably one of the few times in his career he’s had to rely on someone else.

“This is definitely icing on the cake,” Whitaker said. “After the State Meet, I thought it was over and the Mental Attitude Award was as good as it was going to get.

“Finding out a couple months later you’re the High School Swimmer of the Year just puts an exclamation point at the end of the sentence.”

Not that Whitaker’s career needed the exclamation point.

“I just wanted to get as good as I could in high school and just worked at it every day,” Whitaker said. “With all the success I’ve had in and out of the pool, this is just kind of validation for all that.”

And now that all the achievements and accolades of high school are behind him, Whitaker has his sites set on some new goals as he heads to the University of Michigan.

“I’d like to start the college career on a positive note and the first dual meet is four weeks from last Saturday,” Whitaker said. “The next step now is Big 10’s and NCAA’s. After that, the Olympics are coming up again.”

Maybe Whitaker even has some nerves.

“I’m a little nervous,” Whitaker said. “I’m so excited to be on a new team, with new coaches and new teammates. I’m the small fish now in the big pond. Hopefully, it won’t be like that for to long.”

I’d be willing to bet on that.



Posted 8/31/2010