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CHS swim team wins 2nd straight state championship

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The Oscars are just one week from its big awards show and already next year’s trophy for best original script might be spoken for.

Chesterton boys swim coach Kevin Kinel couldn’t have written a more perfect script to the IHSAA Boys State Swimming Finals as his Trojans captured a second consecutive title at the IU Natatorium in Indianapolis.

“After losing the talent and leadership we did last year, it was almost a pipe dream at the beginning of the season to come in here and do it again,” Kinel said.

The Trojans dominated the pool from the beginning en route to 222 team points to outlast the three-way tie for second between Munster, Carmel and Indianapolis North Central (183).

“It was just a dream come true,” Kinel said. “Everything just worked out perfectly. When you put both days together, it was just phenomenal. I’m so proud of these guys.”

The Trojans started the day in state record fashion with a victory in the 200 Medley Relay from the quartet of Kyle Whitaker, Matt Rosiecki, Bill Bass and Tyler Fozkos (1:32.01).

“Kyle got us out there in the lead in the backstroke and Tyler brought it back in the freestyle like he always does,” Rosiecki said. “It was great to get out there and start the meet off with a great race. We wanted to make a big statement here and we did that.”

Bass came right back to pick up his first individual title of the day in the 200 Free (1:38.52).

“It was a good race,” Bass said. “Coming off that relay like that, you just feel great. I went out sprinting off the adrenalin. I finally settled in and started thinking about the race in that middle 100.”

Whitaker took center stage in the next event as he picked up his first title and broke the national record in the 200 IM (1:45.25).

“I really tried to put the gas down on that one because there’s a lot of competition around the country,” Whitaker said. “I wanted to be the fastest. My big motivation is that national record. I really want to go after that every time I’m in the water in a big meet like this.”

The question is “how low can he go?”

“One more year of high school and a good summer of training,” Whitaker continued. “I think maybe down around 1:42 or 1:43.”

When Tyler Fozkos came from behind to win the 50 Free (20.73), the Trojans were a perfect 4-for-4.

“I had a horrible start,” Fozkos said. “I just had to try and overpower everybody else coming home. My turn was fabulous and I came off and hit my dolphin kicks and nobody was really with me.

“Then it was just do your job. At the end of every race, you put your head down and go for the wall.”

After taking the break during the 1-Meter Diving competition, Whitaker re-established the Trojans dominance with a close victory over Munster’s Kevin Behrens (48.00-48.18).

“Going into that race, I just wanted to get out to a fast start and work the turns really well,” Whitaker said. “I tried not to breathe every stroke and just get to the wall first. It’s great to have that competition. I knew after last year, and the summer, that he’d be right there.”

Fozkos picked up a third place finish in the 100 Free (45.69) just ahead of Bass winning the 500 Free (4:30.01) by edging West Lafayette’s Raymond Mahon (4:30.45) in a fabulous last 25 meters.

“I had a little control at the 250 and he really cranked it up,” Bass said. “I knew it was close going into the last wall and I didn’t really look at the end. I was just trying to get to the wall.

“I’ve been working on making great turns all year and today it really came through.”

The swim of the day may have come during the final leg of the 200 Free Relay when Fozkos split a 19.98 to bring the Trojans from sixth to second and put the meet out of reach.

“I saw Taylor (Zakhar) coming in and I knew we were behind,” Fozkos said. “He came into the wall great and I had a perfect exchange. I just had to go out and do my job and get my head to that wall first. Technically things were correct and everything was perfect.

“That’s why they put me on the end. (Matt Rosiecki, Ethan Hall and Zakhar) swam great and I’m supposed to go catch everybody.”

The Trojans sat and watched as the 100 Back and 100 Breast presented their awards knowing they merely had to finish the 400 Free Relay to take the title.

“We knew we had the big three guys and our depth would have to come,” Kinel said. “Kyle, Billy and Tyler were just amazing all year and especially today. Matt, Ethan and Taylor were great in the Relays today too.”

When Bass finally entered the water on the last leg clean on the exchange from Zakhar, the crowd understood the situation.

“It’s great,” Bass said. “Four years in high school and we won State twice. We have great fans and support. The meet we had today was phenomenal. It was close to perfect.”

Team Results

1. Chesterton, 222; 2. (tie) Carmel, Indpls. North Central and Munster, 183; 5. Hamilton SE, 129; 6. Northridge, 105; 7. Homestead, 101; 8. Castle, 86; 9. Fishers, 77; 10. Concord, 63; 11. Center Grove, 60; 12. Muncie Central, 56; 13. Crown Point, 48; 14. Noblesville, 46; 15. Lake Central, 45; 16. (tie) Terre Haute South, Kokomo, Indpls. Brebeuf and Yorktown, 38; 20. Franklin Central, 34 1; 21. FW Carroll, 34; 22. Plainfield, 31; 23. Bloomington South, 30; 24. West Lafayette, 29 1; 25. (tie) Maconaquah and Tri-West, 29; 27. Avon, 28; 28. Bedford North Lawrence, 27; 29. Michigan City, 26; 30. South Bend Riley, 24; 31. (tie) Seymour and Connersville, 22; 33. (tie) South Adams, Vincennes Lincoln and Indian Creek, 20; 36. Anderson Highland, 16; 37. Floyd Central, 15; 38. Franklin Community, 14; 39. Brownsburg, 13; 40. Portage, 11; 41. (tie) Jeffersonville and Mishawaka, 9; 43. Guerin Catholic, 8; 44. (tie) Terre Haute North and New Palestine, 7; 46. (tie) Whiteland and East Central, 6; 48. (tie) Warsaw and Southport, 5; 50. (tie) New Prairie, Zionsville, Rensselaer Central and Oak Hill, 4; 54. Wawasee, 3; 55. (tie) Westfield, Eastern Greene and West Lafayette Harrison, 2; 58. (tie) Valparaiso and Greencastle, 1.

Individual Results

200 Medley Relay -- 1. Chesterton (Kyle Whitaker, Matt Rosiecki, Bill Bass, Tyler Fozkos), 1:32.01 (STATE RECORD); 2. Munster, 1:33.02; 3. Indpls. North Central, 1:34.43; 4. Hamilton SE, 1:35.15; 5. Northridge, 1:35.60; 6. Muncie Central, 1:36.41; 7. Castle, 1:37.09; 8. Homestead, 1:37.16.

200 Free -- 1. Bill Bass (Chesterton), 1:38.52; 2. Brandon Siemasko (Indpls. North Central), 1:39.46; 3. Alec LaMothe (Indpls. North Central), 1:39.68; 4. Ross Van Allen (Indpls. North Central), 1:40.60; 5. John Van Dyke (Tri-West), 1:41.38; 6. (tie) Raymond Mahon (West Lafayette) and Brad Scott (Franklin Central), 1:42.50; 8. Eric Blue (SB Riley), 1:42.79.

200 IM -- 1. Kyle Whitaker (Chesterton), 1:45.25 (STATE, NATIONAL RECORD); 2. Samuel Trahin (Crawfordsville), 1:49.83; 3. Alex Burtch (Concord), 1:51.24; 4. Tylor Gauger (Kokomo), 1:52.83; 5. Michael Vinyard (Carmel), 1:53.36; 6. Nick Astashinsky (Carmel), 1:53.69; 7. Kean Stevenson (Castle), 1:55.13; 8. Dillon Thompson (Munster), 1:55.55.

50 Free -- 1. Tyler Fozkos (Chesterton), 20.73; 2. Chris Johnson (Lake Central), 20.88; 3. Sean Fitzgerald (Indpls. Brebeuf), 21.09; 4. Devon Hill (Muncie Central), 21.16; 5. Andrew Loshnowsky (Maconaquah), 21.21; 6. Drew Hill (Vincennes), 21.25; 7. Daniel Kanorr (Connersville), 21.31; 8. Harrison Wagner (Indpls. Brebeuf), 21.79.

1-Meter Diving -- 1. Casey Johnson (Indian Creek), 525.05; 2. Tyler Clingerman (Plainfield), 492.50; 3. Darien Schmidt (Bloomington South), 460.75; 4. Ross Dreher (Avon), 441.70; 5. Danton Rogers (Bloomington South), 434.95; 6. Thomas Dreher (Avon), 409.80; 7. Ingram Cade (Carroll), 399.40; 8. Mitchell Gauger (Kokomo), 396.95.

100 Fly -- 1. Kyle Whitaker (Chesterton), 48.00; 2. Kevin Behrens (Munster), 48.18; 3. Alec LaMothe (Indpls. North Central), 50.05; 4. John Van Dyke (Tri-West), 50.59; 5. Blake Johnson (Homestead), 50.74; 6. Justin Klopp (South Adams), 51.03; 7. Nathan Stoller (Northridge), 51.65; 8. Luke Haynes (Brownsburg), 52.08.

100 Free -- 1. Nathan Kinney (Hamilton SE), 45.12; 2. Joshua Jordan (Carmel), 45.59; 3. Tyler Fozkos (Chesterton), 45.69; 4. Andrew Loshnowsky (Maconaquah), 46.04; 5. Mark Rushlow (Northridge), 46.55; 6. Alex Burtch (Concord), 46.71; 7. Corey Bandura (Munster), 46.90; 8. Sean Fitzgerald (Indpls. Brebeuf), 47.29.

500 Free -- 1. Bill Bass (Chesterton), 4:30.01; 2. Raymond Mahon (West Lafayette), 4:30.45; 3. Ross Van Allen (Indpls. North Central), 4:33.31; 4. Brandon Siemasko (Indpls. North Central), 4:33.49; 5. Michael Vinyard (Carmel), 4:39.06; 6. Eric Blue (SB Riley), 4:39.57; 7. Tylor Ganger (Kokomo), 4:39.63; 8. Peter Rondot (Homestead), 4:41.30.

200 Free Relay -- 1. Hamilton SE, 1:25.27; 2. Chesterton (Matt Rosiecki, Ethan Hall, Taylor Zakhar, Tyler Fozkos), 1:25.76; 3. Castle, 1:25.93; 4. Carmel, 1:26.07; 5. Munster, 1:26.08; 6. Northridge, 1:26.21; 7. Homestead, 1:27.59; 8. Crown Point, 1:27.93.

100 Back -- 1. Nathan Kinney (Hamilton SE), 49.81; 2. Kevin Behrens (Munster), 49.87; 3. Nick Astashinsky (Carmel), 51.42; 4. Andrew Cato (Floyd Central), 52.08; 5. Justin Rossillo (Hamilton SE), 52.19; 6. Nick Jones (Homestead), 52.71; 7. Jonathon Dance (Fishers), 52.96; 8. Murray Crabtree (Munster), 52.99.

100 Breast -- 1. Chris Johnson (Lake Central), 55.53; 2. Cameron Miller (Michigan City), 56.06; 3. Kameron Chastain (Seymour), 56.53; 4. Addison Bray (Terre Haute South), 56.63; 5. Kean Stevenson (Castle), 57.56; 6. Joe Wulf (Munster), 57.95; 7. Colin Hoffman (Anderson Highland), 58.58; 8. Taylor Sanders (Bedford North Lawrence), 59.09.

400 Free Relay -- 1. Indpls. North Central, 3:05.00; 2. Carmel, 3:06.00; 3. Chesterton (Kyle Whitaker, Ethan Hall, Taylor Zakhar, Bill Bass), 3:07.60; 4. Munster, 3:10.07; 5. Fishers, 3:11.18; 6. Noblesville, 3:11.77; 7. Concord, 3:12.89; 8. Center Grove, 3:13.42.



Posted 3/2/2009