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Solution to Meridian 900N flooding woes may be a step closer

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Controlling storm water runoff at 900 North and Meridian Rd. got one step closer this week, when the Porter County Drainage Board awarded a bid to a Chesterton excavating company to improve drainage in the area.

At Monday’s meeting of the drainage board, a bid was awarded to RV Sutton of Chesterton in the amount of $153,900. RV Sutton submitted the lower of two received bids and is expected to complete the work by the end of June.

Bidders were asked to submit two proposals, one for traditional open trenching and the other for directional boring. The boring method goes under a roadway instead of cutting a trench across it. Once the hole is bored, a piped is pushed through the hole.

The Meridian and 900 North intersection will require three such borings in addition to other work. RV Sutton will install a 24-inch plastic pipe inside a steel sleeve when boring is completed.

Flooding at that intersection has long been a problem and was identified in a countywide storm water drainage plan completed in December of last year. Open trenching is less expensive but more disruptive and time consuming. With the trench method a 4-foot trench is dug, the pipe put into it and buried and the road then resurfaced.

Dave Burrus, Drainage Board President said he favored the more costly boring method.

“With a fire station emergency and school traffic it would be a nightmare, if the intersection had to be open cut,” Burrus said.

Al Hoagland, Porter County Highway Superintendent, said he was at the meeting to voice his support for directional boring at the site.

“I understand that money is an issue, but if at all possible I would prefer boring to be done, over open trenching. With open trenching the road would be blocked and it always leaves a patch and from then on requires continuous maintenance,” Hoagland said.

The board also received an unsuccessful bid for the work, from G.E. Marshall of Valparaiso, in the amount of $175, 915.

The Drainage Board’s next meeting is scheduled for June 13, at 8:30 a.m. at the Porter County Government Administration Center, 155 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso, Room 205.



Posted 5/10/2011




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