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Property tax bills now out with May 10 due date

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Porter County Treasurer Mike Bucko has announced that tax bills have been mailed for on-time billing this year, the second year in a row.

Tax payments that are mailed will now go to a local post office box, at P.O. Box 2150, Valparaiso. Instructions for mailing tax payments are located in the box on the back right side of each coupon.

Taxpayers will get one tax bill with two coupons with due dates of May 10 and Nov. 10. Taxpayers may make both payments in May.

Bucko said taxpayers can avoid paying postage by using a free e-check service and paying online using their current checking account number. For details, see

Bucko is urging taxpayers to go green by getting their 2012 tax bills emailed to them. Taxpayers can register for this service at For more information, see the back of the tax bill envelope or the flyer inside.

More than 20,000 homestead credit verfication forms were sent out again this year because many people didn’t fill them out and return them in 2010. Taxpayers who received the pink form a second time should send it back again.

The deadline to appeal the assessments on this year’s tax bills has passed and new Form 11 notices will go out again in the fall of 2011.

Bucko said taxpayers who are in the appeal process should read the coupon of the tax bill and make their tax advisor aware of the information. Courtesy letters will go out after the May 10 deadline to remind people with appeals pending of how they might be impacted by the next tax sale, which is scheduled for Oct. 26.

“Paying your Porter County tax bill is getting easier, and it’s the first time paying your tax bill ever saved you money,” Bucko said.

The treasurer’s office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The office is closed on Good Friday, April 22.


Posted 4/11/2011




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