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No new assessment? Call the assessor

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A Dunelander recently phoned the Chesterton Tribune office saying she had not received her Form 11 Notice of Assessment. Notice forms were mailed to Porter County property owners by the County Assessorís office during the last week of September.

County Assessor Jon Snyder said any property owner who has not received their assessment notice to please contact the assessorís office at (219) 465-3460 or

Snyder said there could be many reasons as to why assessments did not make it to their respective owners and it is something very common. The owner could have moved away without leaving a forwarding address, he said, or the property could have changed from being a residential property to a rental or commercial property, or vice versa.

There may have been Form 11s of multiple parcel properties that were accidentally left out when mailed. Another circumstance could be simply just a human error that resulted in an incorrectly printed address.

ďIt could be a mistake on our part,Ē Snyder said.

When the taxpayer contacts the assessor office about the missing notice, the staff will work to fix the problem.

Snyder said Forms 11 can also reach taxpayers by e-mail.

The assessorís office has said Nov. 13 is the general day that appeals on assessments are due. However, Snyder said the date does not apply to those who received their notices late. As according to state statute, a taxpayer has 45 days to appeal an assessment once he or she is mailed the Form 11 notice.

Appeals can be made by walking into the assessorís office at 155 Indiana Ave, Ste, 211 Valparaiso, between the extended hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and filling out a Form 130 or by going online at


Posted 10/31/2012