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Clarification on Brookdale park cost

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In an article appearing in the Feb. 24 edition of the Chesterton Tribune, a headline reads the latest plan for Brookdale County Park indicates the cost to create the park will be less than $10 million.

The grand total including Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the development is estimated $13.4 million. However, JJR Consultants said Phase 2, which is estimated at $3.5 million, is an optional stage and that it is up to the county to make the decision to include Phase II if it so desires.

A representative from JJR told the Tribune Phase 1 would cost approximately $9.9 million, enough to open Brookdale park. Parks Superintendent Walter Lenckos on Friday said it is the departmentís goal to make the park as complete as possible but said there are currently no formal commitments for Phase 2.

A breakdown of estimated development costs are as follows: Phase 1 -- West Side- $2.2 million, East Side- $7.7 million. Phase 2 -- West Side- $2.1 million, East Side- $1.4 million. Grand total- $13.4 million.

The west side of Brookdale park will include passive features while the east side will have active features.

Two more withdrawals from Town of Porter primary

Two more candidates in the Town of Porter have withdrawn from the May 2 primary election.

Republican Jeffrey Bailey, who filed for the 2nd District seat on the Town Council on Feb. 16, withdrew two days later, on Feb. 18.

And Republican Randy Brechner, who filed for the 2nd District seat on the Town Council on Feb. 18, withdrew four days later, on Feb. 22.

Those withdrawals leave Republican Jeannine Virtue unchallenged for the nomination.

On Tuesday, Democrat Erik Wagner withdrew his candidacy for the nomination for the 4th District seat on the Town Council, and threw his support behind fellow Democrat challenger Elka Nelson.


Posted 2/25/2011