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County Treasurer offers payment plan to help delinquent taxpayers avoid tax sale

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Porter County Treasurer Mike Bucko said those who still owe taxes on properties listed for the upcoming tax sale can keep their properties off the sale list by entering into a payment plan with the treasurer’s office by Sept. 20.

The plan includes entering an agreement with up to a 25 percent down payment and monthly payments until June 20, 2013. Once the plan is agreed to, Bucko said the properties would then be removed from the tax sale list.

“This opportunity was made available when House Bill 1090 sponsored by State Rep. Ed Soliday, R-Valparaiso, and supported by all Porter County representatives and senators was made law,” Bucko said.

The requirements are signing an arrangement that must be in writing and signed by the taxpayer. The delinquencies must be paid in full no later than the last business day of June 20, 2013.

If the taxpayer fails to make a payment under the arrangement, the arrangement is void and the county Auditor shall immediately place said property on the list of real property eligible for sale at a tax sale.

If this happens, Bucko said, the taxpayer may not enter into another arrangement for five years from the date of when of the original agreement would have expired.

All contact must be originated through the Treasurer’s office. Taxpayers who received a tax sale notice in the mail can call the Treasurer at (219) 465-3470. They must provide the owner of record on the parcel and the parcel number on the notice to make an appointment.

To insure payment and compliance with the agreement, the taxpayer’s parcel will not be removed from the tax sale list until Oct. 16. Indiana code does not allow a parcel or tract, penalty or fee to be placed back on the list once they have been removed for that year so the removal will not occur until that date, Bucko said.

The taxpayer will be required to make prearranged payments anytime by the 15th day of each month, or earlier if the date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

All payments pertain to the parcel or tract after the sale is conducted through the auditor’s office.

“This agreement provides the additional time for the taxpayer to get things in order yet protects the integrity of the tax payment system in Porter County,” Bucko said.

A Porter County Tax Sale is scheduled for Oct. 17.

When an item is sold at tax sale, only the lien is sold. A taxpayer is not removed from their homes and does not lose their land as an immediate result of the sale.

The taxpayer has one year from the tax sale date to redeem the purchase from the buyer which is explained in the notice. If sold, the owner of record will receive a written notice after the sale.


Posted 8/29/2012