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The Porter County Commissioners agreed to add eight dispatching positions for the county’s E911 system.

The county’s system has been overworked since the dispatching duties were consolidated due to budget concerns.

The eight new positions will be used to hire four probationary dispatchers and four second-class dispatchers, commission president John Evans said. Evans said they designated the two different levels because the county expects to get interest from experienced dispatchers and it would be unfair to have dispatchers with up to 10 years of experience go through a probationary period.

Probationary dispatchers make a yearly salary of $31,050, while second-class dispatchers earn $34,875.

Evans said this step should help with the “ongoing 911 saga.”

“There is a lot of progress being made with the 911 system,” Evans said. “It’s really starting to show some improvement.”

The funding for the new hires will initially be taken from the $4 million “rainy day” fund set up by the commissioners for dealing with budget shortfalls. But the long-term solution to the funding will have to be developed by the Porter County Council.

The job openings should be posted on the county’s web site today.


Posted 6/8/2011




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