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Treasurer's office to go after 2005-2008 delinquent personal property taxes

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Porter County Treasurer Mike Bucko announced on Thursday that delinquent personal property taxes for years 2005 and 2008 will be sought after by the county, including the accumulated delinquent penalty costs, costs of the collection service and the accumulated interest.

The delinquencies amount to approximately $1.2 million for each of the two certified years plus the penalties and collection costs.

The process will be conducted by American Financial Credit Services group in Indianapolis who will be the county’s representative in the collection matters.

Bucko said all communications, payments and payment types will be processed through AFCS and handled in a professional matter. The process complies with all requirements set forth by the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

This delinquent tax, which comes from property taxes that were billed in 2005 and were certified by the courts both in 2005 and 2008, is owed by mobile home owners, businesses, utilities, railroads and individuals who had not paid during this period.

Bucko said the taxes went ignored by taxpayers because the treasurers in the past were not aggressive in collecting those delinquencies. He said the Treasurer is not a popular official during the process but nonetheless, the state law requires the process be carried out.

Much like the property tax sale that took place in October, Bucko said the action lets taxpayers know that he is actively seeking delinquencies and he hopes the process can be put into place so that it will be followed by future county treasurers.

Bucko said there are records in his office that were filed all the way to 1998. Each year the oldest year would be written off by the county according to Indiana Code as uncollectable.

The delinquencies being sought today are much “colder” than in the years they had been certified.

The collection, Bucko said, will only be partially successful. He hopes the county will be able to collect half the amount or close to $1 million.

The service by AFCS has been available to the county since 2004 but had not been approved by the county commissioners until this year.

Bucko said he will go after delinquent properties from years 2007 through 2009 at the start of next year.




Posted 12/3/2010