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Winners confirmed in official results of 2014 primary elections

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With their race ending in a near dead heat of just 11 votes in the unofficial results, there was a slight chance Kyle Yelton could unseat Porter County Councilman Jim Biggs, R-1st, in the County Election Board’s certification of this year’s primary election.

Biggs, however, remained the winner and gained one extra vote Friday while Yelton saw no new votes when the board signed off on the election’s official results.

Election boards in Indiana are to certify all votes 10 days after the election so a list of results and candidates can be mailed to the Indiana Election Division today.

A total of 19 additional ballots were included in the county’s final tally. Two were provisional ballots, or ballots that require a voter to prove their registration to the Election Board if it’s challenged. Also counted were one overseas ballot, two ballots that had been missing, five ballots that the poll machines could not read at the time of voting and nine that had been damaged.

Of those 19, nine came from Center Twp., three from Liberty Twp., two in Westchester Twp., two in Portage Twp., two in Porter Twp. and one from Pine Twp.

Including the new ballots, 12,950 ballots were cast countywide for a total of 11.01 percent of registered voters, which is the lowest it’s been for a primary race since 2006 according to Voter Registration Office Directors Democrat Kathy Kozuszek and Republican Sundae Schoon.

“We typically don’t see big numbers in the primary elections,” Kozuszek said. “It costs the same whether one person votes or 100 percent vote.” The low number of contested races had been blamed as a factor in the low turnout.

Republicans cast 7,645 ballots outnumbering the Democrats who cast 4,938, about a 20 percent difference. The referendum for Hebron schools saw 367 non-partisan ballots.

No races saw their results overturned. The margin between Biggs and Yelton widened but remained the county’s closest race with 1,076 votes for Biggs and 1,064 for Yelton, followed by the Hebron Schools referendum with 865 votes for and 842 against, a 23 vote difference.

Certifying the vote were Election Board president and Republican representative David Bengs, Katrina Spence who was proxy for Democratic representative J.J. Stankiewicz and Kenard Taylor who was proxy for County Clerk Karen Martin.



Posted 5/19/2014