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Snyder announces wrapup of 2013 assessment appeals

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Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder announced on Tuesday that his office has finished work on 1,900 appeals that were filed last fall.

Snyder said there are currently less that 300 tax appeals pending taxpayer response. It was the goal of his office to complete them before spring tax statements, which had not been accomplished for many years, he said.

I cannot be more proud of the Office and their amazing accomplishments, Snyder said.

Timely appeals will result in tax statement credits applied, rather than costly refunds, and local taxing units will have the ability to make more accurate budget projections for next year, Snyder added.

Many of the appeals were done online through the Porter County Assessor website,

Snyder said he expects about 50 of those 300 pending appeals will be heard by the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.


Posted 4/3/2014




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