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Reassessment begins today in Porter County

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Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder is reminding property owners that July 1 is the start date for the four year process of Cyclical Reassessment as mandated by Indiana state law.

During cyclical reassessment, representatives from the county and township assessorís offices physically inspect 25 percent of the parcels in the county each year. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure accurate information for every property record. Accurate records help provide accurate assessments to the taxpayers.

During a visit to a taxpayerís property, a field agent will attempt to make contact with the taxpayer to identify himself and inform the taxpayer of his purpose in being on the property. After asking several questions to verify information about the interior of the home, the field agent will inspect the outside of the home and any other structure on the property. Measurements may be taken of the home and any of its exterior features as well as any other structures on the parcel.

Even though certain structures may not be new, the agent may still need to take measurements for verification purposes. The field agent will not need entry into the home.

Field Agents will have a magnet on their cars identifying them as being a representative of the Porter County Assessorís Office as well as a badge for the same purpose.

If a taxpayer is unsure about a field agentís identity, he can contact the Porter County Assessorís office at (219)-465-3460 for verification.

For further information about e-mail or phone at (219)-465-3460.




Posted 7/1/2014