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Property taxpayers have until December 31 to apply for new deductions

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The Porter County Auditorís Office is reminding taxpayers that the deadline to apply for a property-tax deduction in Indiana is fast approaching. Indiana offers property owners a number of tax deductions that can help reduce tax bills. Some of the most common are the homestead deduction, the Over-65 deduction, the disabled veteran deductions, and the mortgage deduction. Taxpayers must meet eligibility requirements, and some deductions cannot be combined with others.

To apply for a new deduction, Indiana requires that taxpayers sign and date the appropriate application on or by Dec. 31. The application must be filed with the Porter County Auditorís office on or by Jan. 5. Individuals applying for a new homestead deduction through the Sales Disclosure Form must file the form with the Porter County Assessorís Office by the end of the year, under the state deadline.

Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik notes that, generally, taxpayers who already have a valid deduction will continue to receive the tax benefit and do not need to re-apply, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements and have not changed property ownership or use.

Taxpayers should note in particular that county offices will be closed on Dec. 31, which is a Saturday. Urbanik said that taxpayers who need to pick up an application in order to meet the signing deadline should come in by the close of the business day at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 30. Applications are also available online. For new purchases or a transfer of ownership, taxpayers should be prepared to provide the Auditorís Office with identification and proof of eligibility.

For information see the Porter County Auditorís webpage at or the Indiana Department of Local Governmentís website at




Posted 12/23/2016




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