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Porter hospital appeals assessment to state tax board

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Porter Regional Hospital is challenging the recent decision of the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals to keep its 2013 assessment at $244.5 million.

County Assessor Jon Snyder said hospital officials this past week appealed to the Indiana Board of Tax Review asserting that its value should be closer to $39 million based on guidelines in the stateís most recent assessment manual.

Snyder assessed the hospital property at $244.5 million including the main facility, the land and the nearby medical building.

He said the 2013 assessment was the first for which the hospitalís construction was 100 percent complete.

The hospital is located at the northwest corner of Ind. 49 and U.S. 6 in Liberty Twp.

An outside appraiser was hired to help come up with the assessorís value.

Tax representatives for the hospital argued to the PTABOA earlier this year that Snyderís method deviated from the stateís and that the assessment manual makes clear that hospitals are to be assessed as general office space.

PTABOA members Joe Wszolek and Vicki Urbanik denied the hospitalís case saying there was a lack of prima facie evidence to determine the hospitalís market value.

Hospital officials have also appealed the PTABOAís value of $117 million for its 2012 assessment to the IBTR.

Snyder told the Chesterton Tribune today he was surprised the hospital is still contending its value is $39 million after the County Council sent out a letter indicating the hospital must be valued at $130 million or higher in order to be eligible for the ten-year tax abatement.


Posted 4/18/2014