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Porter County tax sale scheduled

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Porter County will conduct a tax sale on Tuesday, Oct. 22 for delinquent properties that have delinquent taxes and special assessments due from the prior year’s spring installment.

In Indiana, the county treasurer and auditor are required to sell tax liens on delinquent properties that remain unpaid from the prior year’s spring installment. Porter County will offer the tax sale certificates at a public sale that is not less than the total amount due in delinquent taxes, costs, and penalties. “The purpose of this Tax Sale is to offer these delinquent properties in order to collect back taxes to help fund local government services,” Porter County Auditor Vicki Urbanik said.

“There are currently 498 properties available for the tax sale totaling $2,615,425.23 in delinquencies,” according to Porter County Treasurer Michelle L. Clancy.

In addition to serving as a source for local governments to collect unpaid property taxes, tax sales also serve as an opportunity for real estate investors to earn interest income upon redemption of the property within one year from the sale, or to take title to the property through a post-tax sale process that involves petitioning the local county for a tax deed.

Porter County has contracted with SRI, Inc., an Indianapolis-based company founded in 1989 that conducts tax sales, commissioners’ certificate sales, and commissioners’ deed sales for more than 80 counties in Indiana, Michigan, and Colorado.

Those interested in registering and bidding at the Porter County Tax Sale should visit the SRI, Inc. website at and read the information regarding tax sales.


Posted 10/16/2019





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